Most Americans never leave their native country during their lifetimes. Most often, the reason is largely financial. Traveling outside the country is much more expensive than traveling within the United States. Airfare costs more, lodging can often cost more, and there just seem to be more costs here and there associated with traveling abroad. Going to Europe or a foreign country also involves more planning, time which many Americans just don’t seem to have.

If Americans do manage to cross a major ocean, most often it is to visit Europe. This is because Europe is filled with developed countries, in which many of the people speak English well. If you are an American thinking about whether or not to visit Europe, here are a few points which may sway your decision:

See A Different Culture

The cultures of the European countries are quite different than the United States. The energy level of the people, the food, the customs, the city density, and the architecture of the cities are just some of the many differences between the lifestyle in European countries and America. By visiting Europe, you will see a different sort of lifestyle, which will give you a greater worldview.

Many of the world’s largest, most historic cities are in Europe. You have to ask yourself if you really want to go your entire life without seeing a city like Paris or London, which are quite different than Tulsa or Los Angeles.

A Sense Of Adventure

Visiting a foreign country can be thrilling. You don’t need to stay in hostels or go backpacking to get this sort of thrill. Whether or not it is figuring out what the different food is, navigating in an uncertain area, or just using a different currency, going abroad can infuse yourself with a new sense of adventure. Just when life starts seeming dull, going abroad can make life seem fresh and exciting again. Few people won’t find visiting Europe for the first time at least a little adventurous.


Europe has many beaches and other resorts. Some Americans enjoy vacationing in the Southern Spain or Southern France. If it is your first time to Europe though, it is more worthwhile to visit some of the major cities, since you can relax and visit a resort in America.

Appreciate America More

By seeing other countries, you’ll appreciate some of the creature comforts you take for granted in the United States. Whether its getting free refills on soda (most countries do not do this), wide roads, or Taco Bell, home will seem that much sweeter when you get back.

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