Whether you are climbing, hiking or walking, the addition of a good bivi bag to your kit is essential, this can provide you with an emergency shelter should you find yourself in a situation where conditions have deteriorated and you are stranded. If there is any chance that you may be faced with extreme conditions then it is advisable to carry a bivi to ensure you are protected from the elements until either help arrives or the conditions ease off.

The benefits of a bivi bag often go unknown due to a variety of factors. However, a bivi bag is an easily compatible and lightweight piece of equipment which can be added to your backpack without the extra hassle of a tent and is much easier and faster to set up. A bivi bag will also keep you dry throughout the night, allowing moisture from your body out but also preventing it from getting in. Did you know that the human body, even on a cold night, can sweat over a litre of water and so in a sleeping bag alone this is likely to leave you waking up damp in the morning, something which a bivi will prevent.

Bivi bags also have windproof qualities, especially the newer Gore-Tex bags, and as you well know, the heat sapping potential of the wind is something best avoided. Good quality bivi bags are also adaptable to year round use and are extremely durable, lasting the owner a long time providing he/she takes care of it. This in the long term will save you money.

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