What if i told you i know what can i add to my tap water to make it taste better ? And if i told you that i really do not add anything to my water to make it tastier would you believe me?

Let me explain…

A few years back, I remember asking family and friends what can i add to my tap water to make it taste better. I got varied answers , some interesting and some totally irrelevant.

What most did not understand is that i was not referring to any type of water in particular, I simply wanted to make water more interesting, less brackish and more appealing to my taste buds.

Some recommended using lemon extracts or adding drops of flavoring, but these don’t hide the aftertaste of tap water well.

If i recall correct, none of the answers i got really provided the solution i was looking for.

It was only recently that I realized exactly what can i add to my tap water to make it taste better. But before I get to that, let me first discuss the factors that affect the taste of our tap water.

Years or even decades ago, our ancestors talked about pure, sweet tasting water. They were not talking about the bottled ones that we now consume daily. They were talking about the water that ran from their taps, or the water they got from open wells.

Back then, the water was pure and relatively devoid of the chemicals and leachates from the soil. The soil surface was more pure as well as the water tables underneath were relatively cleaner then, that’s why water tasted better.

Today making sure water tastes good is not as easy. As a result, people have turned to bottled water for their needs.

My Solution…

However, getting rid of the bad water taste is much more effortless than we think.

We only need to find a good filtration system that will help us purify our water in the comfort of our homes. By using a suitable filtration system, we can make our own purified tap water, with the same quality as the water that used to run unadulterated below ground level when the soil was not yet polluted.

There are home filtration systems that remove over 99% of the sediment and chemicals present in tap water. Needless to say, if we can install these systems, we won’t need to add anything to our water to make it taste good.

Visit my website below to discover some the benefits of using home filtration systems, including some of the health and financial benefits they will provide you and your family.

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