Despite the fact that we are often used to buying bottled water, there is nothing wrong with tap water as long as it is filtered. The proliferation of bottled water for drinking means that we are increasing pollution from the bottles which are hardly ever recycled. Do your bit for the environment by using a water bottle with filter instead. It will last longer, you’re ensured of safe water and best of all you’re no longer contributing to pollution.

When buying a water bottle with filter you need to know the type of filter system. Make sure it will filter out the bad taste and pollutants as well as handling common bacteria. A water bottle with filter that handles bacteria makes as excellent travel companion when hiking, backpacking or any other outdoor travel which may lead you to consume water from unreliable sources. It is especially useful if you are travelling abroad where many third world countries have unreliable water systems.

The size of your water bottle with filter matters a great deal. Is it big enough to store the water you will need for at least a day without refilling. Does it fit your backpack well if you are using one or your water carrier comfortably? The weight then comes into play especially if you are carrying it while engaging in strenuous activities. You need to make sure that it’s not too heavy that it wears you down. Make sure to carry enough filters to last your entire trip.

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