There are lots of stuff you can bring along on your backpacking trip. Remember that you have to carry all of it so think twice before bringing a bulky heavy item. Here are some miscellaneous items I have found useful to bring along:

  • Universal bath plug/sink stopper There are plugs which fit a variety of sinks which are very useful when you want to do laundry in your room.
  • Water porter A bag designed to carry water bottles, quite handy when you are out on day trips and do not want to carry a backpack around.
  • Luggage protection bag To put around your backpack to save it from being damaged while traveling.
  • Luggage straps To tie around your backpack to help hold it together.
  • Luggage label Attaches to the outside of your luggage and gives your contact details in case your bag gets lost.
  • Plastic bags Bags to put around bottles with liquid and also to organize the rest of your stuff. Use white bags without print since some coloured plastic bags tend to rub off colour on other items in your backpack.
  • Candy Binoculars Great for spotting wildlife.
  • Deck of cards/games To kill time and have fun with people you meet along the way.
  • Sewing kit Safety pin Swiss army knife Scissors Backpack Daypack Rubber bands To be used as bookmarks in your guidebook.
  • Locks To lock your daypack and backpack.
  • Money belt/leg pouch Put the documents/money in a protective plastic case in case the money belt gets wet (e.g. from rain).
  • Pen and paper (notebook) The notebook can be used for tracking expenses, collecting e-mails, keeping a journal etc.
  • Mask, snorkel and fins For diving or snorkelling.
  • Sports equipment Surf board, golf clubs, diving equipment etc.
  • Mosquito net Make sure you have a nail or similar to be able to attach the net to the wall or ceiling.
  • Wire Used to tie your backpack to your bed or the luggage rack to prevent people from walking away with your bag.
  • Camping equipment Tents, stoves etc.
  • Knife, fork, spoon, jug, plate If you plan to cook a lot.
  • Compass Get a small one which you can keep on you all the time.
  • Extra bag to check in An extra bag to store your souvenirs if they do not fit in your backpack. Used to bring home souvenirs you buy during your trip. While traveling this can double as a bag to store dirty clothes.
  • Water bottle for the plane These days there are restrictions on what you can bring on board including liquids. You can go through security with an empty bottle and fill it up in the bathroom before boarding though (if the water is drinkable).
  • Presents If you plan on visiting people a small gift from your country will be appreciated.

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