There are basically four types of Chaco sandals. They have the head waters sandals which are mostly used in hiking and backpacking. This type of Chaco sandals feature a Grecian style and have the strap which is very convenient when adjusting the fitting. The purpose of their webbing design is to provide unbounded adjustability for all shapes of feet. Chaco headwaters have four webbing styles, the Z/1, Z/2, ZX/1, and the ZX/2. Z/1 is the original Chaco sandal while Z/2 is the improved Z/1 with smaller strap and added toe loop. ZX/1 follows the design of Z/1 with smaller strap and increased conformity to the feet. ZX/2 has the improvements of ZX/1 with added stability of Z/2. So when you plan to buy Chaco sandals with strap, headwaters style is for you. Just make sure that you carefully choose the right sandals and always try them with both feet to ensure that they are comfortable enough for your feet.

The second type of <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/2895357’);” href=”“>Chaco sandals</a> is the cross current style. This type of sandals is designed to make sure that your feet are centered on the foot bed. They also call this as the casual adventure style of sandals.

The third type is the flipside sandals which are basically designed with lightweight flip flop style. They don’t have straps; they just come with a thong between your big toe and the rest of your foot so they do not need to be adjusted.

The fourth style is the Andale which is known as the leather type of sandals. This is ideal for casual wear but not for backpacking and water sports activity.

Chaco performance sandals come with different sole options to go with your outdoor activities. They have the Chaco Colorado sole which is designed for wet and sandy environments. This type of sole is originally designed for river use and this is very light in weight so you can move and perform well with your water sports activity. Chaco Terrano sole is the second type of Chaco sole and is ideal for hiking and other backpacking activities. The thickness of this sole gives extra protection, cushion and durability. The last type of Chaco sole is the Aquastelth sole which is perfect for climbers and paddlers. This type of sole provides an extraordinary grip on wet and slippery surfaces.

All Chaco’s foot beds are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association, so they are safe to wear.

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