The Shamwow is a miraculous towel that can hold up to 21 times its weight in liquid. It is also washable, bleachable, and completely reusable. The Shamwow will last for years and there are many ways to use this product to make your daily life easier. The following list contains 20 great ways to use the Shamwow.

1. Cleaning your House When you are cleaning the house, the Shamwow is great for any spills you find. It even works well for soaking up extra cleaner. You can also use its soft surface to dust, because it should not scratch anything.

2. Drying Clothing

3. At the Campsite Camping towels can be expensive, and the Shamwow works just as well. Imagine using it for camp showers, or even when drying your hair after swimming by the campsite. After wringing out the Shamwow, it should be ready to use again.

4. On the Boat Nothing is more annoying than having many wet towels scattered around your boat. Use it to dry off swimmers, the seats and floor of the boat, and keep your boat sparkling clean!

5. Washing the Car Instead of using towels that may require a significant amount of time to dry, use the Shamwow for washing your car. You can soak up the suds, wring them onto the car, and wipe them clean, all with one Shamwow!

6. Washing the Pets When pets get wet, they carry a lot of water with them. The Shamwow is great if your pet was outside in the rain or you just finished washing your pet. With the Shamwow, you can dry your pets quickly and easily, as well as efficiently!

7. Guest Towels Your guests may want to use guest towels that allow them to dry off quickly without leaving any lint behind. The Shamwow can be a great addition to a guest room.

8. Cleaning Up Spills There is nothing like using a Shamwow to clean up spills. You can have one handy in every room, and anytime something spills on any surface, you can clean it quickly and completely, simply by soaking it up. It is good for carpet, hardwood floors, tile, and all different types of surfaces.

9. Water Fun for the Kids On those hot summer days, your kids are probably interested in going swimming or having a water fights. With the Shamwow, they can dry themselves quickly before they come in the house.

10. Traveling Whether you are backpacking through Europe or simply traveling to the next state over, having a Shamwow with you can be priceless. They are lightweight and easy to transport, so you can use them, wring them dry, fold them, and pack them away in less than ten minutes.

11. Under Your Plants If you have plants that leak when you water them, you know how irritating it can be. The Shamwow can sit under those potted plants and soak up the water quickly and effortlessly.

12. In the Basement It seems like basements are always wet. If you have a Shamwow down there, you do not need to worry. It can soak up water coming in through the floors or walls, or stop those annoying leaks from pipes.

13. At Your Pet’s Feeding Time If your pet is a messy eater or drinker, you know that there is going to be water splashed around near their food bowl. Putting a Shamwow underneath their food or water dish can be very beneficial.

14. Outside Use You can use a Shamwow outside after a BBQ to clean up any spilled liquids or to get that extra water off your driveway after the sprinkler has been running.

15. Emergencies If you have a pipe that is leaking, a sink that has overflowed, or a broken hot water heater, you know how important it is to get water up off the floor right away. Shamwow can help you do that!

16. Washing Windows One of the most detested chores can be washing the windows. With the Shamwow you can easily get this chore done fast, without too much hassle!

17. Doing the Floors Floors can be another problem altogether. The Shamwow can be used in the place of a mop and bucket – just think of all the time that will save you!

18. Diaper Bag Many people put a Shamwow in their diaper bags. It makes spills easy to clean up and much less embarrassing!

19. Snack Time If your kids want their snack in front of the TV or in the playroom, you can use the Shamwow like a placemat. This can allow it to catch any spills that may occur.

20. In the RV Lastly, putting a Shamwow in the RV can provide you with endless convenience. You can use it in all of the ways listed above, without having to use bulkier towels that take up space you cannot afford to lose in your RV.

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