Trekking is the most popular soft-adventure sport and recommended to people of all ages. But, rafting is quite different to trekking and an amusing recreational outdoor activity. Combining both activities on a holiday trip will make it exceptional. When planning for such holidays, a person can go individually or plan it for a group of friends, family members.

10 Most Asked Questions on Trekking Trip Planning:

Which is the Best Trekking Route?

In India, there are lots of trekking destinations available to choose from. While you will search for the best treks of the country, you will find many Himalayan trekking routes. In Uttarakhand state itself, you will find many popular names.

When to Book?

Whether it is summer, winter or monsoon, you can find lots of available trek trips. So, you can book any of them at your own convenience. In fact, each trekking route has its own special timing recommendations for booking or touring. For example, you have to book your trip before the monsoon to make the Valley of flowers trek trip exceptional.

How to Select the Right Agency and Package?

At the present time, you can find lots of agencies are offering online booking services on their own websites. You can find a good number of trek and other adventurous trip packages available there. You can consider to customize the tour itinerary and add special interests like rafting in Rishikesh and others to make it more exciting.

Should Bring Children on Trek Holidays?

Easy grade trek routes can be recommended for kids too. Yes, you can take your kids those are 5 years or older, on these trips. But for the high altitude trek journeys, taking kids is not safe.  

How to Stay Safe During Treks?

The trek tour guides and the booking agency ensure adequate safety arrangements for the tourists. Being a smart traveler, you must learn and follow the basic safety tips on trek journeys.

How to Select Right Shoes and Equipments?

On both local stores and online shopping sites, you can easily find recommended shoes and other equipments for trekking.

How Backpacking Tips Help?

Selecting the right bag for trek and keeping it lightweight is essential. It will not bother you during the journey at all.

How to Capture Good Trek Images and Videos?

Select the right kind of DSLR camera and lenses. Consider to use the natural light to capture high quality images and shoot best videos.

What Kind of Food and Drinks Safe during Trek?

Most tour operators serve food and beverages to the travelers and they know what is ideal.

What to Do on Emergency Situations?

The tour guide will make you aware of all possible risks and precautions before starting the journey.

Planning for Valley of Flowers Trek and Rafting in Rishikesh:

There are lots of expert tips, articles and blogs related to trekking being available on the Internet. Even videos and images are also available on different online channels those inspire people to go for a trek holiday. Lots of options available in each segment, so people get confused. The following tips and recommendations will help the travelers to find the best ways to make the most out of their trek holiday.

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