Titanium cookware is showcased as silvery metallic elements that became one of the best cookware nowadays. It is an ideal and popular type, suitable for most households. Titanium has healthy cooking advantages.

Cookware is made of different materials. And these materials have varying characteristics that can either be useful or disadvantageous to cooking. Most of these cooking items are made of copper and brass. Some are made of titanium.

Titanium cookware has the highest strength-to-weight ratio compared to many different metals. It is considered a durable, lightweight cookware. Many industries and households have switched to titanium pans, for healthy living and cooking. The high cost actually pays off in the long run.

Titanium cookware is advantageous in many ways. It has a patented non-stick, high-tech abrasion-resistant surface finishing. It is therefore highly resistant to scratches. You can even use metal utensils for stirring.

It secures a fine grip because of its heat-resistant handles. It is screw-less and rivet-less. Its handles, knobs and lids can be oven proof (up to 260oC).

The thermostatic base is impossible to warp in years of daily use. It definitely looks new, classy and elegant even after a long time of use.

The 8 mm thick hand cast aluminum core can conduct heat seven times as compared to steel or iron. This provides even heat distribution as well as retention for evenly cooked meals. No oil or water is required. It even keeps the food from burning.

Titanium layers are non-porous, very resistant to warps, and durable. It prevents aluminum from leaking onto the food. It also gives indirect heat for a perfect cooking atmosphere. Glass lids are heat-resistant, allowing the viewing of the cooking process.

Titanium cookwares weigh less than cast iron pots and pans. It is good for people with arthritis. Its lightweight nature is ideal for camping and backpacking adventures.

Titanium cookware is non-porous, posing no potential harmful poisons and toxins that can make their way onto the food you cook. It is ideal for health-conscious individuals because the non-stick feature requires lesser amount of oil to cook. Having less cooking oil is a healthy way to eliminate much fat or calories.

Titanium cookwares are also heat quickly and evenly, and easy to clean after use. It works on any stove top. It is dishwasher safe. It has an anti-bacterial coating (titanium dioxide). This kills nasty bugs that cause food poisoning.

Titanium cookware is considered as a perfect material for cooking with class. Popular forms are open French skillet, stir-fry pans, stock pots, sierra cup, multi-compact cook set, sauce pans and backpacking cook set.

With the onset of titanium, it is often compared side by side with brass and copper. Although these last two materials have been used for many years already in manufacturing cookware, it has disadvantages. First and most important of all is its high ability to rust and corrode, and thereby contaminating the foods cooked. Although copper and brass cookware is lined with non-corrosive materials, it wears off after several washing.

This is what sets apart the titanium. For the same rate of durability and usefulness, titanium is proven to be safer. More and more cooks are switching to titanium cookware because of the obvious advantages.

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