Tips To Making The Best Of Backpacking in Australia

There are a multitude of factors that need to be taken into consideration when planning an overseas trip or vacation. These factors multiply and become much more complicated when you are planning on taking an extended trip that will involve visiting a variety of different countries.

Contrary to popular belief, backpacking doesn’t just involve popping¬† few essentials into a bag and letting the road take you where it may. Here are some tips that can help you plan to make the best of your overseas backpacking trip.Student Uni Freight and Backpackers Shippings


Some countries will require that you have a visa to gain entry. These visas can take anywhere from a few days to a few months to be approved. Find out if the countries you are planning to visit require visas and apply for them in advance. You should also make inquiries about multi-country visas, especially if you are planning to travel in Europe.

Visas also have specific restrictions. You will probably only be allowed to remain in a country requiring a visa for a limited period of time. If the period of time expires, you can renew the visa. Should you plan on supplementing your travel budget by working while backpacking, make sure that the visa will allow this privilege.

Budget Properly

Running out of funds is probably the factor that contributes most to a backpacking adventure ending early. Make sure that you have enough funds available to meet your requirements and keep in mind that you may not be able to work to make additional money on your trip.

Don’t rely on quotes from travel agents, transport companies or accommodation providers. Always factor in a little extra cash should you need it. Make sure that you budget for any incidentals that may arise such as medical expenses or replacement of clothing and other necessities that could get lost or stolen.

Student Uni Freight and Backpackers Shippings

Student Uni Freight and Backpackers Shippings

Eat Cheap

Try to stick to eating the local cuisine as this is often cheaper than opting for internationally recognized establishments. However, you need to keep in mind food hygiene to prevent contracting any illnesses that could spoil your adventure.

Find accommodation that is self-catering where you will be able to bring and cook your own food. The establishment should provide you with all the cooking utensils and equipment that you will need.

Get To Know The Cheapest Forms Of Transport

Backpacking by it’s very definition implies that you will be spending a lot of time walking. However, there will be times when you need some form of transport to travel over a long distance. Each country has their own form of cheap transport and you should research these options before spending most of your budget getting from one country to another.

In days gone by, the most affordable means of transport was simply hitchhiking. However, this is no longer a safe option and accepting rides from strangers should be avoided whenever possible.

Buy Your Own Alcoholic Beverages

If you want to take advantage of the bars and clubs at your different destinations, be aware that your drinks will cost you more. Rather go to a liquor store and buy your own beverages that can be consumed outside the club or bar and stick to water or non-alcoholic drinks when you are inside.Student Uni Freight and Backpackers Shippings

Stay Off The Beaten Track

Touristy destinations come at a premium where the locals will often charge tourists higher rates than normal as they rely on holiday makers for their income. Try to book accommodation in the areas surrounding the most popular tourist destinations and make day trips in and out of major cities or towns.

Try to travel out of peak seasons. You will pay more for all aspects of your trip overseas if you travel when most other tourists make their holiday plans.

Pack Accordingly

You will probably need to carry everything you pack wherever you go. Only take two or three changes of clothes and ensure that these are suitable for warm, cold and rainy weather. Make sure that you have a change of shoes that are lightweight and don’t take up to much space.

Decant your shampoo and conditioner into smaller bottles that can be refilled often. Take a small bar of soap rather than body wash. Remember to include some medical essentials such as aspirin, bandages or plasters and medication to treat stomach disorders. A water bottle is essential. Don’t pack any valuables that could be lost, stolen or make you a target for con artists.

Although planning for your extended backpacking trip can help you avoid some mishaps and be prepared for others, be aware that no amount of planning will cover all eventualities. You need to be flexible, adapt and go with the flow to make the best of your journey.

So now you have some of the Best Of Backpacking in Australia Tips

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