There’s only one way to describe the Olympic National Park. It’s a nature lover’s ultimate paradise. Wide Ocean beaches vie with stunning snow capped peaks while all around you there is the unmistakable sound and smell of deep forestland. You can touch the outer fringes of the Olympic in vehicles but you can explore its heart only through dedicated hiking and camping experiences.

The Olympic is one of the most visited national parks in America. In the last two years, several hundred thousands of people have day-hiked through the Olympic, while more than 50,000 have stayed on to camp in its wilderness.

One of the main attractions of The Olympic is its multitude of hiking trails. Stunning views await backpackers all along the way. The most popular tourist spot is the Ozette Loop, a beautiful strip of land bordered by swamp and thick groves of trees. However, if you’re interested in getting to the remote interiors, be prepared to hike for more that 3 days.

The interior of the Olympic national park is full of difficult terrain, slippery undergrowth and thick forests. So, visitors to this part are rare. A hike along these trails is a highly challenging though rewarding experience.

Another amazing attraction of the Olympic National Park is the opportunity it offers for backpacking along the coastline. The coastline is long and provides idyllic conditions for those who like a simple walk. Don’t be taken in by the smooth falling sand and the deceptively calm waters. There are promontories to clamber over and muddy trails to maneuver with ropes. At narrow parts of the beach, tides wash up frequently blocking passage.

Due to its peculiar geographical location, the Olympic National Park is the proud host to a number of unique animal and plant species. The area is a declared Biological Reserve. For those who love to peer under leaves, look through their binoculars or sit on a forest trail waiting for an elusive bird to fly across, the Olympic National Park is a treasure trove of sorts.

Generally, the area has mild, wet winters and pleasant summers. However, weather conditions at the Olympic are extremely unpredictable and visitors must come prepared to face different kinds of conditions.

This relic of wild America has something for everyone. Some people love its roaring beaches, while others come here to push themselves up through the mighty peaks; still others arrive here simply to immerse their flagging spirits in the healing powers of the deep forest. The view of Mount Olympus standing proudly at 7,900 feet with its large glacial crown is awe inspiring. If you love to visit a land of unexpected contrasts, then the Olympic National park definitely deserves to be at the top of your wish list!

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