Across several sites that reviewed different camping stoves, the Jetboil Personal Cooking System comes as the most recommended for being lightweight, quick to boil water, and ideal for simple meals. However, on, a search engine  for consumer product reviews, taking into account expert and user reviews, the top recommended camping stove is the MSR Reactor for being highly efficient, quick to boil water, compact, and reliable. Other notable camping stoves were the Snow Peak LiteMax (lightweight budget), Jetboil Helios (for groups), MSR XGK EX (winter and high altitudes), and Brunton Wind River Range (campground).

There is no shortage of list of camping stoves across the country, promising everything from being lightweight and portable to having highly efficient when used in cooking. But which among these camping stoves really delivers upon its promises. Searching through a number of sites that reviewed camping stoves, the most recommended stove is discovered, and there are two contenders for this title. One is mentioned across different sites, and another is listed as the best by the leading search engine when it comes to consumer reviews.

Jetboil Personal Cooking System

The Jetboil Personal Cooking System is lauded as the best lightweight backpacking stove since it is compact, simple to use, and lighter than most stoves under its category. The Seattle Times especially mentions this in their review of camping stoves, and Outside Online names this as the Gear of the Year for 2004. It was also specially mentioned on,, and Although its claims to boil 2 cups of water under 90 seconds, most tests show it is around 120 seconds or about 2 minutes, which is still a quick time to boil water.

MSR Reactor is the leading search engine for consumer reviews, taking into account user and expert reviews and promising to be independent of advertisers’ influence, and it names MSR Reactor as the best camping stove based on at least 8 expert reviews. It is lauded as the top performer among portable camping stoves and has been noted to be highly efficient, able to boil water quickly even under windy conditions. Its claim to boil a liter of water in 3 minutes or less has been proven by several reviewers. It was also named the 2007 Editor’s Choice Award winner on

Honorable Mentions

Aside from naming MSR Reactor as the best camping stove, ConsumerSearch also names several camping stoves under more specific categories. Snow Peak LiteMax is named as the best lightweight budget camping stove for being incredibly lightweight and efficient while retailing at $55. The Jetboil Helios is recommended for groups as it is available in 2- or 3-liter pots and can still boil water quickly, even under colder conditions. The MSR XGK EX is recommended for use in winter and at higher altitudes. The Brunton Wind River Range is named as the best campground stove as it is both rugged and sturdy and has 2 propane burners, a storage compartment, plastic cutting board, and a stainless-steel grate that is removable.

When it comes to looking for the best thing for our family, even a camping stove, it’s always best to find out exactly what others are saying. These are opinions from people who have actually used the product and can tell us whether or not it lives up to its many promises. A little research before making a purchase will always go a long way.

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