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While patio sets can come with chairs, they usually are limited in number. The folding stool chair can provide a sensible, easy-to-use seating option that won’t break the bank. Best of all, when you’re done with them, you just fold them up and store them away until next time.

A chair is great, but you know how awkward they are to move from room to room inside a house. Imagine how much worse it would be moving them from campsite to campsite while on an outdoor adventure with the kids! Foldable stool chairs provide a comfortable seat around the campfire or, if you have one, a folding camp table. Since they are relatively inexpensive, you can get one for every member of the family. When folded up, these chairs are lightweight and very easy to carry. Best of all, you can easily store them in small places, which is great if you’re camping or even greater, backpacking!

Of course, the folding stool chair can come in handy when you’re in your own back yard. In fact, they come in pretty hand indoors on occasion. Did you ever invite three friends over for a luncheon and wind up with fourteen? That’s the sort of situation where you run out of regular chairs fast. It’s also a situation where a folding chair/stool can be the means to solving your problem with very little inconvenience. Seats for all and when its over, they store away quickly for next time.

So, indoors or out, why not invest few dollars into a few of these stool chairs to make seating at your next campout or get-together a breeze?

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