Are You Or Someone You Love On This List?

MEDICAL CONDITIONS ASSOCIATED WITH LOW GLUTATIONE LEVELSGENERAL~ Obesity  ~ Immune signaling  ~ Endothelial dysfunction  ~ Alcoholism  ~ Inflammation  ~ Heavy metal poisoning CARDIOVASCULAR~ Angina and spastic angina  ~ Unstable angina  ~ Heart attacks ~ Positive stress tests  ~ Reperfusion after cardiac bypass surgery PULMONARY~ Emphysema (COPD)  ~ Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF)  ~ Asthma  ~ Muscle wasting in COPD  ~ Chronic bronchitis  ~ Tobacco abuse NEURO/PSYCH~ Migraine headaches  ~ Alzheimer’s  ~ Parkinson’s  […]

Enjoy the Hostels in Berlin and Berlin Nightlife!

Staying at any of the Berlin hostels opens a world of history, culture, great food and fun. This safe, metropolitan city has something for everybody. Berlin has over 170 museums and galleries. If you love history, don’t miss Deustches Historiches Museum, Topographie des Terrors, Museum Island (5 different museums!), Checkpoint Charlie and Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Art lovers, visit East Side Gallery, which displays 106 paintings along one of the few […]

Winter and Cold Weather Safety

Just as the hot summer months pose weather dangers such as sunburns, heat strokes and heat exhaustion, the cold waves of the winter months pose there own.   There is an abundance of outdoor sports activities the winter season brings to us. Anything from skiing and snowboarding to ice climbing, ice fishing, nature walk’s, hiking, and backpacking just to name a few. Physical exertion in cold temperatures tend put an extra […]

Five of the World’s Best Holiday Destinations for 2009

Chiloe – Chile Chiloe offers an amazing adventure with a new ecological reserve and features the oldest agro-tourism network. The experience is so different there to best enjoy it is recommended you visit the various islands via one of the traditional wooden fishing boats and see the very cool Museo de Arte Moderno (you don’t need a translation to understand what this is). Chiloe offer foggy farmsteads and forests where […]

Unique Ca Getaways are Trips to Remember

With hard-earned vacation time often in short supply, travelers want to make the most of every weekend or vacation they get. Sometimes that means trying something completely different – a getaway so unique that it will become Topic A around the Monday morning water cooler. California is blessed with many such unique vacation adventures, and here are three of our favorites: Luxury tent camping If your memories of tent camping […]

Where can I travel in Swaziland?

Swaziland is one of the smallest countries in the south east of Africa. She is landlocked and shares borders with Mozambique to the east and South Africa to the north, south and west. Swaziland has a population of approximately 1 million people and there are two official languages which are SiSwati and English which is widely spoken. Swaziland has a thriving tourist industry in part due to its natural beauty […]

Newfoundland Dog Breed Health Issues, History, Temperament, Living Conditions and Grooming Tips

Description: The Newfoundland is a massive and strong dog. The head is big, broad and heavy with a slightly arched crown. This breed has a wide muzzle that is deep, but rather short. The nose is black, (except from a brown nose on the bronze coloured dog). The teeth meet at a level or scissor bite. This dog has brown eyes that are deeply set and relatively small, in comparison […]

The Olympic National Park

There’s only one way to describe the Olympic National Park. It’s a nature lover’s ultimate paradise. Wide Ocean beaches vie with stunning snow capped peaks while all around you there is the unmistakable sound and smell of deep forestland. You can touch the outer fringes of the Olympic in vehicles but you can explore its heart only through dedicated hiking and camping experiences. The Olympic is one of the most […]

Twenty Ways to Use the Shamwow

The Shamwow is a miraculous towel that can hold up to 21 times its weight in liquid. It is also washable, bleachable, and completely reusable. The Shamwow will last for years and there are many ways to use this product to make your daily life easier. The following list contains 20 great ways to use the Shamwow. 1. Cleaning your House When you are cleaning the house, the Shamwow is […]

Reasons why Python is the Best Programming Language to Learn in 2016

As a programmer, when choosing a computer language, your focus should be on a language that is both versatile and extremely dynamic; one that is marketable and widens your horizon as far as career prospects are concerned. Python has all of these qualities. It is a general-purpose language that can be used to build just about anything you want. From backend web development to artificial intelligence, data analysis, and scientific […]