Spring Break… ah, now that brings a smile to a college students’ faces as they shiver in the wind on their way to that dreaded exam. For many students, Spring Break is a long awaited rite-of-passage that’s an important part of the the college experience, and for everybody, it’s a well-earned escape from school in the middle of the semester. Whatever you’re planning to do for Spring Break, here are some helpful tips to help you have a fabulous time.

Spring Break Shopping Guide
Shopping for a great swimsuit and other fun stuff for your trip can be a blast, but don’t forget to bring the necessities. These things will cost quite a bit more in a tourist destination. Here’s a practical Spring Break shopping guide to help you remember the important basics.

Spring Break Safety Precautions
Yes, the media has overhyped the dangers of Spring Break. The news would have you think that student hotspots are cesspools of endless binge drinking, date rape drugs, sex, and most of all, endless dangers that lurk in the shadows to corrupt innocent young coeds from middle America. While Spring Break isn’t that crazy, a savvy student traveler needs to be aware of the problems and potentially dangerous situations they might encounter. To help you out, here are some Spring Break safety precautions to keep in mind.

Spring Break Money Saving Tips
The biggest danger most students face during Spring Break is to their wallets. All travel is expensive, and student travel can be especially expensive if you’re not careful because there are plenty of unscrupulous people out there who try to take advantage of college kids. Be very careful about travel package deals that are advertised heavily Ont he Internet, on campus, and anywhere that students frequent. Many of these deals really are too good to be true. Here’s how to avoid a Spring Break travel scam.

Even if you don’t fall victim to a scam, Spring Break can be a real money pit for college students. Unexpected expenses can add up very quickly. Here are some Spring Break money saving tips to help you end your vacation with a fatter wallet.

Spring Break Travel Ideas
So where should you spend your Spring Break? Cancun? Florida? Be sure to stop by a reputable travel agency that specializes in student travel, because they can give you some great tips on where to go and where to avoid.

In addition, consider taking a more unusual Spring Break. Who says you have to spend break on a beach to have fun– and who says you have to spend the money that goes along with a tropical vacation? Here are some cheap ideas for Spring Break travel that you might not have considered, such as a road trip. Or consider joining the growing numbers of students who spend their Spring Breaks volunteering in places like New Orleans. Here’s what you need to know about alternative Spring Break volunteer trips.

Have a safe and memorable Spring Break, students!

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