When a totally out of the blue question like what’s inside our tap water was recently pitched at me I had to take a deep breath and a considered sigh as I thought about the answer. I guess I had always thought that water was just plain old water, a colorless, tasteless liquid. So, when challenged with finding out a bit more about it I soon discovered some surprising information.

It seems that our drinking water is constantly under threat from a very long list of biological and chemical contaminants which does not make good reading. The list includes toxic chemicals like chlorine, which the water industry uses to disinfect water as it passes through the treatment process. That’s fine, but small residual amounts have been found to still be present when it reaches our homes. Some researchers have even linked it to some forms of cancers. 

Another still controversial over whether it’s good or bad in water is flouride. It’s meant to safeguard our dental health but some places have stopped using it because of health concerns. 

People who live near farmland could be getting water with a high nitrate level which again is bad for our bodies. Though there are many contributing factors, one is the over-use of agricultural fertilizers. Residues leech into groundwater systems which feed into reservoirs. 

So, what  is inside our tap water that might be good or not harmful to us? Well, when I mentioned contaminants I should have added the fact that some are naturally occurring and what ones appear depends a lot on the geology of your local area.

Make no mistake about it there is a lot more that I found out, and it empowered me to take the necessary steps to ensure I now get the best water not just for drinking, but for the other essential things like cooking and bathing.

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