These backpacking tips for seniors are mainly directed at the novice elderly traveler. You might still be considering where you should travel to, how much you should pack, and what should you bring? If you do a little pre-planning, you next adventure could run much more smoothly.

Backpacking is an affordable and simple way for seniors to travel. You don’t need to pull or carry an over-sized suitcase around, because using a backpack gives senior travelers more flexibility and mobility when it comes time to go from one place to the other. You can carry everything that you need on your back, but you can make the weight light enough that you will barely notice it.

Your biggest decision will be where you should go. I would suggest on your first backpacking trip that you go to a place that makes it easy to get around. Europe is very backpacker friendly. If you are traveling in the United States, and you still want a little adventure, you could maybe go to a National Park or other areas where you could do some good hiking and camping. Or, you could just visit other towns and cities without the needing anyone to carry your luggage.

Backpacking Tips for Seniors

Use the Trains in Europe – Trains that travel throughout Western Europe are very fast. Not only that, if you are only bringing a back pack, you can bring it into your seating area and usually store it up above you. The fast trains only stop in big cities, but when you want to slip off to a smaller village, there are usually smaller regional trains that make stops in most little towns.

How Much to Put in Your Backpack – Another one of the backpacking tips for seniors is to know what they should try to fit inside their backpacks. When possible, try to do with one backpack. If it is not too heavy, you can also use a smaller pack, like the size of ones that schoolchildren use. You can keep your more valuable items in the smaller pack and carry that to your front, so you can keep an eye on them, and keep the larger backpack over your back. Always try to keep the weight in your backpack under 20 pounds, and 15 would be ideal.

Keeping Your Items Bone Dry – There might be times that it rains when you are out in the open. Keep a waterproof cover for your backpack to keep your items dry. In addition, it’s a good idea to leave some space in your backpack for a rain poncho or lightweight rain jacket. You want to keep yourself as dry as possible, too. A wet camera and other important items could ruin your entire trip so keep them secure and dry.

No Need to Rush – The fact that you can carry your travel possessions on your back; you can easily get around little towns and villages. Take your time to learn more about each culture. See how people live, work, and play. Instead of flying everywhere, take buses and trains to be closer to local people. You will make many new friends along the way, and your trip will be more meaningful, and you will usually save more money.

Backpacking Tips for Seniors – Conclusion

It always helps to follow good backpacking tips for seniors. It is also a good idea to try backpacking at least once in your lifetime. Those seniors who have tried it for the first time usually like it so much, they can’t wait to try it again.

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