If you have a built-in fireplace in your home but have decided that you want to increase its heating efficiency with a fireplace insert pellet stove, you’re probably making a good choice. These stoves can give you a cheap, clean, and easy way to heat your entire home – or at least the areas connected to the room where the fireplace stands – and they can look very nice, too. However, be sure that you buy a pellet stove with plenty of safety features, including a fire-resistant surface on which to place it, carbon monoxide detectors, and proper ventilation.

If you buy a fireplace insert pellet stove, you probably won’t need a fire-resistant mat for your stove, especially if you already have a hearth around the stove. Pellet stoves that are more like traditional wood-burning stoves, on the other hand, will take either tiled, fire-proof platforms or special fire-resistant mats that will keep the stove from catching any flammable materials on fire. You can get these mats in many different colors, and you should always check to see if your stove requires something like this.

Although pellet-burning stoves are very safe and clean-burning, they still burn organic materials, which can give off carbon monoxide sometimes. While you should have a carbon monoxide detector or two in your home anyway, it’s especially important to install them when you have pellet-burning stoves. When you have a pellet-burning stove – whether it is a fireplace insert pellet stove or another type of pellet stove – you should plug a carbon monoxide detector within ten feet of the stove.

Finally, be sure that your fireplace insert pellet stove is properly ventilated. You can probably use the chimney of the original fireplace, but you will have to modify it on some levels, being sure to keep it clean and free from obstructions. Pellet stoves take less ventilation than wood-burning stoves, and they burn more cleanly than other types of stoves. However, you’ll need to regularly service your pellet stove’s ventilation system so that it stays safe and efficient.

Some pellet stoves can come with added safety features, such as a temperature switch that will turn them off and on at certain times during the day or when the temperature gets too high. When you look at these pellet-burning stoves, be sure that you find one with all the requisite safety features so that you can easily heat your home in a safe way.

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