As a programmer, when choosing a computer language, your focus should be on a language that is both versatile and extremely dynamic; one that is marketable and widens your horizon as far as career prospects are concerned. Python has all of these qualities. It is a general-purpose language that can be used to build just about anything you want. From backend web development to artificial intelligence, data analysis, and scientific computing, by learning Python, you will be setting yourself up as an invaluable programmer with a wide array of skills. Why learn Python in 2016?

Reasons why you should learn Python in 2016

1. It is beginner friendly

One of the main reasons why Python is so popular is because it is friendly towards beginners. Let’s face it, coding can be a little daunting, especially when you are just getting started. Python, which gets its name from Monty Python, makes this entire process both fun and the concepts easy to grasp.

As a beginner, you will find it extremely satisfying and easy to use. There is no understating how much ‘fun’ brings to the table. Beginner programmers often get demoralized and overwhelmed by all they have to learn and in many cases, most find these lessons a little dreary and lacking in character. This cannot be said of Python. The fact that this programming language has now surpassed Java as the most popular beginner language in many U.S Universities goes to show just how simple, effective and enjoyable Python as a language is for any beginner.

2. There is a lot of demand for Python proficient programmers

As things stand now, there is a great deal of demand for programmers who are proficient in Python. Statistics according to shows that the median salary for a Python programmer stands at around $102,000. This is not taking into account all the available freelance opportunities available for people who can code in Python.

3. It is a very flexible program

Any coder will tell you that one of the toughest parts of their job is trying to pinpoint a single error is what could sometimes be millions of lines of code. That is why Python is so popular. This program is very flexible and forgiving of errors. There are no hard rules when it comes to building features and you will have some flexibility when it comes to solving problems. As for the errors, with Python, you will still be able to compile as well as run your program until you come to the problem area.

4. It has a huge support community

As a programmer, you will soon understand how important it is to have a reliable and well-experienced support community at your disposal. These are fellow programmers who will help you come up with various solutions to your coding problems, give you better coding ideas and help you improve your skills in general. Here are some of the support communities through which you will find help as far as coding in Python is concerned:

– StackOverflow: This is an excellent programming based Q&A site that almost every coder needs to be part of as a professional. Within this community, Python as a language has over 85K followers and well over 500K questions and answers. Statistics also show that Python questions are 3rd most likely to get answered here.

– Professional meetups are some of the best ways to network, get mentors and grow your skill set. On, Python has over 1,300 groups with well over 608K members. This makes this group one of the most diverse and likely to help any budding programmer on their way to stardom.

5. Python has a brilliant future

It is evident that Python is by far one of the most popular programming languages today (TIOBE index puts it at 4/100 languages). Now that big data is becoming more popular by the day, programmers who are proficient in Python are in ever increasing demand. The fact that Python can be integrated into web application is a wonderful addition to an impressive list of advantages.

Veteran programmers say that the ability of a programming language to stay relevant in the market today depends highly on how much ‘fresh blood’ the language is getting. As of last year, interest in learning Python grew by an astounding 22%. The search volume associated with Python surpassed that of any other programming language within the same period. Add that to the fact that it is now the most popular beginner language in most U.S Universities and colleges and you have a programming language with a tremendously bright future for anyone who chooses to study it.

Check out this Youtube Video on Python:


Not only is Python as a programming language highly marketable, but it is also quite easy and enjoyable to learn. As a beginner, and even as a veteran programmer looking to add to his or her skill set, taking the time to learn Python will undoubtedly be one of the most productive things you can do to enhance your career.

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