Sacramento is a beautiful city in California, situated at the juncture of the American and Sacramento rivers. The serene and beautiful boulevards lined by classy Victorian homes, shaded by leafy old trees, charming neighborhoods, and river parks, mask a commercial city and political hotbed that flourishes below the surface. This capital city of California, which is the third largest state by area, Sacramento is like a pleasant, elegantly dressed matriarch of undisclosed power and wealth.

This beautiful city is special whether you are a tourist or a local, as it offers a wide range of exciting, historic and educational attractions. Now, let us check out its parks, zoos and gardens.

Capitol Park: A walk through the 40-acre Capitol Park is a memorable one as you can enjoy the sweet fragrance of rose gardens and over 400 exotic plants and trees from all over the world. You can also see two intriguing 20th century war memorials. The Vietnam War Memorial has many sculptures of men in battle. Then, from there you can go on to experience the beauty of the McKinley Park.

McKinley Park Rose Garden: This is a popular setting for a dream wedding, and also for day trips. It houses around 1,200 varieties of roses. This exotic garden is free to the public during the day. After a visit to this rose garden, you can take the kids through a fairyland tour by visiting Fairyland Town.

Fairytale Town: This two-acre of enchantment and fun filled park is a Fairytale land, just as its name suggests. Its not only thrilling for the tiny tots, but also takes the older kids to a different land. This non-profit park has around twenty child sized three-dimensional play sets, which are based on favorite fairytales and nursery rhymes. Your kids can also see a family of friendly animals and childrens gardens in this colorful place. The mission of Fairytale Town is to promote the imagination, creativity and education of children. This enchanting town is open on all the days of the week and there is always something going on here. Now, to experience something on the wild side, you can visit the Sacramento Zoo.

Sacramento Zoo: This zoo has a varied collection of endangered and rare species of animals. This zoo is the largest accredited zoological park in the demographically diverse Central Valley. It is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon. Here you can see magnificent cats such as the Jaguar, Lion, Margay, Snow Leopard and Sumatran tiger. In the Reptile House you can see the West African dwarf crocodile, and a variety of exotic snakes like the Ball python, California mountain king snake, Carpet python, Colombian red-tailed boa, Eyelash viper, Green tree python and many more. The zoo also houses lizards, turtles and tortoises, amphibians, birds, hoof stock and primates. After a visit here, you can go on to the William Land Park to relax with your family, or play a round of golf at the Golf Course.

William Land Park and Golf Course: There are wading pools to plunge into in the summer, fishing for children under 16, picnic facilities, playgrounds, and ballfields. The amusement area near the zoo has pony and amusement rides for kids in the summer. Those interested in golf can truly enjoy a memorable experience by visiting the 9-hole course, which is nicknamed The Cradle of Gold.

To visit all these exotic places you must plan a visit to Sacramento. The tour guide websites or the various Sacramento tour websites that are available on the Internet are a great resource to plan out your itinerary.

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