Most of the time while going for a hike or camping, you aren’t going to get lost or stuck in the woods.  The likelihood of that happening is minimal but it can happen.  That’s why it’s a good idea to keep a small survival kit with you at all times.  While you probably won’t ever end up using it in reality, it’s good to have when you need it the most.

Most basic survival kits will come with small tools and items that aren’t that great.  They will work but won’t make you too comfortable.  The concept of things like fishing with small hooks and a line are a bit out there.  While it can work, it would be difficult.

The things that you need to focus on are the basics.

Carry water on you at all times as well as a way to purify water.  Sometimes this is as simple as some water tablets or a backpackers straw.  Make sure you have a way of purifying at least 50 gallons of water on you.

Get a good knife to carry.  This will help you in more situations than a small pocket knife will.  Some are made to carry extra items in the pouches for other items you might need.

Carry some waterproof matches as well as some lighters and even a flint.  These will give you multiple ways of starting a fire easier.

Get a basic first aid kit that you can carry.  Focus more on the items needed to fight infection as that is all you are basically going to be able to do.  Make sure you also have some pills that can knock out pain because with a broken ankle all by yourself limiting pain is one of your few options.

Always carry some food on your person when hiking.  This isn’t only good for a snack but will be something you can rely on when lost.  There are 3600 bars that are light and can be carried.  They will supply you with much needed calories and don’t require cooking.

Once you have your basic kit put together always have it with you.  Going as light as possible is typically the idea, but what is a few extra pounds really?  If the extra weight are from items that will make you feel more comfortable and safer giving you more of a chance to get out, it’s worth it.

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