Summer in Australia is just around the corner, and it’s time to get your backyard or garden ready. With our busy everyday life, a garden can be a haven from the day to day stresses of life as well as the center of summer fun and festivities.  There is something magical to be surrounded by nature. It is like a collective breath of life when you site in the palm of nature, and a garden be your oasis of paradise.

Along with beautiful flowers and fauna, a garden is as much a visual resting place as well as a physical resting place. Decorating a spot for peace and quiet is part of creating paradise, but enjoying it from within is the secret to making your garden paradise. A hammock can add a beautiful dimension of style, comfort and design to your garden. The hammock design suspends you above the ground, yet lets the energy of the garden envelop your body. With a hammock you not only have the physical enjoyment but the visual enjoyment of the garden as well.

A hammock can also add to the color of the garden palate. Hammocks come in all colors, from one solid color to the multi-colored, to bring a rainbow of color to compliment your garden design. A hammock is the one accessory that can literally create the paradise that your garden is designed to be.

When it comes to hammocks, Mexican hammocks are considered one of the best for your garden space. The comfort and style of a Mexican hammock is unparalleled and will instantly become the hit of your gathering. With their vibrant colors, yours will add an extra tone to the afternoon gathering. Since Mexican hammocks are hard to find locally in Australia, yours will become your signature outdoor furniture piece.

Mexican hammocks are well known for their comfort, too. The reason for the extreme comfort that these hammocks can provide is the fact that they do not use any spreader bars. This means that a low center of gravity makes for a stable position, which is the basis for the comfort of a hammock. The actual design of Mexican hammocks is for you to lay in them cross ways. In doing this, you will enjoy maximum comfort.  The cotton fabric of the Mexican hammock will actually mold around the curves of your body. This molding of the fabric only increases the comfort of the Mexican hammock.

Mexican hammocks can even be accessorized for even more decorative flair. You can add decorative fabrics and colorful blankets for an elegant addition. Add a few soft, colorful, comfy pillows and the hammock becomes even more inviting. For even more authentic flair, you can decorate your Mexican hammock with a Mexican serape blanket. Serapes are handcrafted striped cotton blankets. Wrap a serape as you lie in your Mexican hammock or lay one out on the grass for an afternoon snooze or picnic. These colorful Mexican serapes can also be used indoors to add a touch of Mexican decorative style.

For those lazy Australian summer days, make the most of your garden space this summer with these simple, yet essential outdoor furniture decorating ideas. Mexican hammocks with their vibrant colors and seductive charms, add a unique decorative touch to any backyard or garden environment. Despite the size of Mexican hammocks when stretched out, even the largest ones pack up small and light always ready for the beach, picnic or backpacking.  This makes Mexican hammocks and Mexican serapes truly versatile outdoor accessories that can add distinct flair to your backyard garden or for a great day at the beach.

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