If you like ice fishing as much as I do then you probably know all about the equipment that you need. Hopefully you also know that the best, meanest looking, and all around coolest piece of gear in your arsenal is the ice fishing spear. The most famous fisherman that used an ice fishing spear, also happened to be a God. This of course is none other than the Greek God Poseidon or as the Romans called him, Neptune.

The ice fishing spear is a multi pronged weapon that is used not only for ice fishing but any kind of fishing that you could possibly think of. You can also use it for regular hunting if you think that you are good enough. It is a vicious looking tool that has barbed tips for holding onto your prey and not easily releasing it. If you practice catch and release fishing then this is not a piece of equipment that you want to consider. Perhaps you would be happier with a net, or not to bother catching fish at all, just sit near the water and sing to them.

When you are ice fishing with a spear then you are definitely going to need to cut a bigger hole in the ice because there is a good chance that you will be hauling your catch out of the water impaled through the side. This means that you don’t have to bring a heavy auger with you while hiking out to your destination. Or if you are trucking it out onto the ice it means that you are going to have to bring a heck of a bigger auger with you.

The simple deadly grace of this piece of ice fishing gear means that it is going to have to made out of strong materials. Steel is the most common material used in the construction of an ice fishing spear. Steel spears are usually made of one piece of metal to ensure their strength. There are also lighter  ice fishing spears made out of materials such as aluminum but those are generally meant to be used by the mentally handicapped and infants.

This tool was popularized several thousand yeas ago in ancient Rome by the gladiators. These remorseless killing machines never even though about fishing with their spears. They did however use the spear in conjunction with a weighted net designed to trap their opponent while they jabbed at them with their spear. As awful as this sounds, the bright side of this situation is that no fish were harmed during these epic battles.

So if you want a real challenge while ice fishing then I suggest that you use the ice fishing spear and try your skills at an activity that might actually keep you warm while sitting of a few inches of ice. Other than that, there is also singing to fish, but last time that I tried that the video of me ended up on the internet and I am still embarrassed about it.

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