Many women find the task of selecting a sports bra arduous and difficult. All the choices, do you select regular or a shock absorber sports bra? However, choosing the right sports bra can be as simple as selecting any other piece of clothing. It all comes down to proper fit. The trick is to determine what your needs are and then narrowing down your choice from there. Did you know that different athletic bras serve different purposes? That’s right, what works for high impact sports might not the best choice for yoga! Also, the larger busted ladies are going to require more support than average gals.

So how do you narrow down the choices? Well first is to define the type and impact of your activity or activities. We typically break this down to three levels of impact.

Low impact activities are those such as walking, bike riding, and skating. These activities require minimal bounce control, yet offer enough breast support. Low impact sports bras are suitable for activities where your breast will not experience too much bounce.

Medium impact activities would be backpacking or hiking in rough terrain, mountain biking, and skiing. These bras will give you some compression of the breast and provide more support against bounce and control.

High impact activities such as basketball, volleyball and more extreme sports. A high impact sports bra is going to give you maximum compression and control to reduce bounce and give you maximum support. Partaking in these activities with a high impact athletic bra can result in tissue damage to your breasts. Even activities such as running and aerobics require a high impact bra.

Now that you have a good idea of which categories your activities fall into, it is time to decide which style bra is best suited for you.  Now you may find that you are involved in activities that fall into all categories. That’s fine, as many women find this. You simply need to purchase more than one style of bra and make sure to use the correct one for the corresponding activity.

Women who enjoy medium to high impact activities will want a sports bra that has a compression design. This will keep your breast pressed to your chest which will reduce bounce and reduce chance of injury. If you have a very active lifestyle this is the bra for you.

Those who enjoy low impact activities will want to purchase an encapsulation sports bra. An encapsulation sports bra will provide individual support fore ach breast. Many say that it provides a more feminine shape as it offers separation of the breasts. This bra is also ideal for women with larger cup sizes since it provides individual support.

Not all athletic bras are created equal and you will need to try on and possibly test a few different brands and models to find the perfect bra for you.

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