What you decide to bring with you for a hike can make your hike a great experience, or a terrible one.
Obviously there are several items and pieces of equipment that you can’t leave home during any hike, neither during a very short one because they are connected to your own safety.
Remember that you won’t find the perfect list of things to have on a hike: everyone should have his personal hiking equipment list which gets bigger or changed after every hike, moreover the list of things to have depends on the type of hike you’re going for.
However there’s a basic list of things you should never forget:

Pocket Knife
You’ll need It. Period. Always keep a pocket knife with you.
If you don’t have one buy a lockable and always keep it in a pocket of your clothes.

A Whistle
Your own voice will never travel as far as the sound of a whistle.
It can be used in case of emergency as well as to give a sign to other members of a group or for wild animals.

Area Map
Even if you have planned your hike in every minimal details, you must bring a map of the area you are going to explore.

You never know what is going to happen during a hike, taking a different route might be necessary for a variety of unpredictable reasons.

A Compass
What’s the use of a map when you have no clue in which direction the north is?
You should always have a compass with you so you know which direction you are going.
Also make sure you understand how to use it. Make all your tests at home, it’s no fun finding out you don’t know how to use it when you are already lost.

First Aid Kit for Hiking
It’s so obvious, but you wouldn’t imagine how many hikers forget to bring a first aid kit during their hikes.
All you need is a very basic, small and not expensive first aid kit.
It is highly recommended to bring a snake bite kit, just make sure you know how to use it or you could make more damage than good.

A Flashlight
Definitely a must have for every hikers, it can be very useful at night when everything is dark and it can even save your life if you happen to be lost helping rescuers find you.

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