Hiking with babies is healthy and funny activity for the kids as well as parents. Hiking Baby Backpack is the most important gear for hiking with baby and has essential effect on your trip. Quality baby hiking carriers should be comfortable for your kid as well as for you – parents.

1. Front baby hiking carriers

Front hiking baby backpacks are recommended for babies from 1 to 5 month old. These carriers are designed to give head and neck support. How long a hike you can take depends on your stamina and your baby’s. An infant, especially one not used to the confinement of a front carrier, will last no more than 20 minutes.

2. Back baby hiking carriers

Back hiking baby backpacks are recommended for babies from about 6 months old. You can start to use back baby carrier once the baby is able to sit up on his own. If you are well rested and fit, your baby is comfortable, the weather is temperate, and you pack snacks, fluids, and diapers, you may last a couple of hours.

3. Frame child carriers

Frame child carrier is suitable for mountain hiking with child from 14 months to 4 year of the age.
However toddlers like to get out periodically to walk by themselves. That will slow you. Given ample fluids and snacks, 2- to 4-year-old can usually handle a one- to two-mile hike in good weather. Take into account that you will probably end up carrying your child at times, especially on the way home.

My recommendation

There are many kinds of hiking baby backpacks on the market and it is difficult to recognize the best one. I love hiking with my baby. Since I have a back injury I needed to find something that would support me and my 6 month old child. I spent days looking at all the possibilities, including a full hiking carrier, however after reading a few online testimonials I could not ignore the Ergo baby carrier.

Hiking with baby is a great way how to spend time outside on the fresh air however unsuitable Hiking Baby Backpack can make your trip unpleasant for you as well as for your child.

Hiking with baby is a great way how to entertain kids.

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