Hay barns are relatively simple structures usually made of post-frame construction.  This post-frame or “pole barn” construction provides a wide clear span that makes it easy to store large round bales of hay.  They are normally closed on 3 sides, having one open side to load or remove hay from.  This opening can be on either the long or the short side of the structure.  With the aid of hay barn plans, you can easily build this structure.  Here are some considerations that you will need to build your own barn:

Access. Access must be adequate and feasible all year round.  Trucks and tractors must be able to retrieve hay during every month of the year.  It is important that inclement weather will not prevent access to hay.  Space around the hay barn must also be ample enough so that the trucks and tractors can move around and maneuver.

Drainage. The hay barn should be built in a spot with good drainage to prevent the water from collecting at the bottom of the barn.  All water coming from areas near the shed should be diverted away from it as well.  The barn should be built on a slightly angled area to provide for water drainage.

Orientation. The building opening should be facing away from the prevailing wind in order to protect the hay and reduce wind loads in the barn.  Normally hay barns are either end loading or side loading, meaning that the opening is where they load the hay from.  So this opening should be on the opposite side of where the wind is strongest.

Proximity to Other Structures. Because hay is highly flammable, it is recommended to place these structures at least 75 feet from livestock and other surrounding buildings and equipment.  However, they need to be close enough for practical purposes.  Also, it is advisable to have nearby access to water to extinguish fires.

With these considerations in mind, you can build your hay barn with simple hay barn plans that will give you all the specifications, the materials and supplies, step by step diagrams and blueprints.  You will not have to measure anything or figure out anything at all.  You will be able to know the cost of your materials before you start, so there will be no surprises.  It is simple and easy to follow these plans from start to finish.  You will be saving a lot of  money as well.

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