The City of Love, Da Lat is a beautiful lake town that has been dubbed as Le Petit Paris thanks to its French colonizers who fell in love with its scenic beauty. Lovers of nature and artisans have made Da Lat their home amongst the French-style villas that lined the shores of Xuan Huong Lake. The scenic view of this region is hilly and mountainous and scattered with lots of off the beaten track trails waiting to be discovered. Da Lat is one of the best places to hike in Vietnam besides being a hotspot for honeymooners. You can get a guide to help you for as low as $8/ day. All guides in Vietnam are fluent in English and/or French so getting around should not be a problem at all.

Some of the fantastic places to discover in Da Lat, off the beaten tracks are:

1.    Pongour Falls – one of the largest waterfalls in Da Lat and one of the most beautiful.

2.    Lake of Sorrows – 5km northeast of town on Ho Xuan Huong road, this lake got its name from a tale of two lovers.

3.    Lang Bian Mountain – The mountain has five volcanic peaks that ranges from 2100m to 2400m in altitude. Beautiful scenery and perfect view. The path starts on the north of Da Lat city and is easily recognizable with its red path trail.

4.    Ba Be Lake National Park – Well preserved national park which contains several lakes, a waterfall and caves. Cave exploration is available too in Ba Be.

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