Chiloe – Chile

Chiloe offers an amazing adventure with a new ecological reserve and features the oldest agro-tourism network. The experience is so different there to best enjoy it is recommended you visit the various islands via one of the traditional wooden fishing boats and see the very cool Museo de Arte Moderno (you don’t need a translation to understand what this is).

Chiloe offer foggy farmsteads and forests where you can learn about the virgin troll myth. You must visit Chiloe’s Punihuil penguin colony and sea-kayaking can also be organised. There are teams that will take you into Pumalin Park to experience the Patagonian wilds.

Bay of Fires – Tasmania

Recently discovered and brought to international attention the Bay of Fires has beautiful white beaches. The perfect beach has sheltered coves with forests lining the area. For the adventurous there is a great surfing pool and a beautiful coast line. Guides will offer tours to give you the full bay experience and the sea food is some of the best you will ever experience.

Basque Country – Spain and France

Art fans will love the futuristic Bilbao’s Guggenheim Museum. Walkers will love the Pyrenean vistas and everyone will lose themselves in the all night street parties that can be a million strong! The Basque country offers a culture, beauty, fun and sun.

Ko Tao – Thailand

You will feel like you are on an episode of Lost with Ko Tao’s beautiful beaches and coastal jungles, in only a few minutes you go from a beach to the middle of a jungle. Diving fans can enjoy the neon coral and get up close with the rays and sharks.

You won’t find package holidays here. It is more of a backpacking affair where you book as you go along. Diving fans can do Padi courses and if you want to visit Bangkok you can get a bus and ferry together for as little as £15.

Languedoc – France

Holidays in France are full of excitement and diversity.  Visit Bas-Languedoc features the vibrant towns of Sete, Montpellier and Nimes and long sandy beaches. Haut-Languedoc has breathtaking deep gorges and wild upland and Languedoc offers beautiful cities and gorgeous kayak trails for adventure fans.

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