Want first date questions? Don’t know what to talk about on a first date? Here are some good conversation topics and some tips on how to say it.

  • Tell a story about someone else, indirectly telling the other person how to feel. The more involved the story, the more effective the simple suggestions will be.

For example,

“My friend, who I met backpacking my way through Egypt, once told me something that made a great impression on my mind. He told me that great adventures often lead to loneliness and loneliness is a dead-end. He said love is what makes people happy. Love fills your heart up with joy and you can’t help but express that love to others that you care about. Then he said to me…”

  • Talk about passionate or emotional subjects, indirectly suggesting to the other person how to feel. If you have a flare for writing or public speaking, it helps.

“Have you ever loved a woman until milk leaked from her as though she had just given birth to love itself, and now must feed it or burst? Have you ever loved a woman so completely that the sound of your voice in her ear could cause her body to shudder and explode with such intense pleasure that only weeping could bring her full release?” (-from the movie Don Juan Demarco)

Another example would be to ask your subject to “act out” or demonstrate the looks and feelings that you want them to actually feel. Example: “Show me what it looks like when a girl is interested in you…what would she (you) say…what would she (you) do…”

  • Choose your words carefully with neuro-linguistic programming, and fire up imagery in the other person’s mind. The basic idea is that you build rapport with a person and then persuade them to take your point of view by using their own system of logic and by using carefully chosen words. Overt imagery may be suggested (“a sea of change”) as well as intimate phrases like “new direction” or “come together”, which are very suggestive.

Another technique is to use the same vocabulary and experiences volunteered by the subject in creating a new shared experience. “What if you could find a relationship that was the emotional equivalent of, like you say, ‘skydiving and freefalling at 140 miles per hour?’ Wouldn’t that be a keeper?

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