We’ve been talking about the idea of “Finding Your Passion.”

And while I agree that you want to spend the majority of your time doing something that moves you, engages you, and is using your talents to their fullest purpose… Sometimes, it’s all about FUN!

Do you remember what you used to do as a little girl? For me, I loved to run down to the park (half a block away) and sit under the trees, swing in a swing or just “run around.” I loved to be active, connect with nature, and pretend.

I also loved to *dance*! Dancing, for me, has been a lifelong passion. I used to think it was what I wanted to do as a career.

However, I’ve been blessed to find out that it does not have to be my job, and I can still get an immense amount of enjoyment out of dancing.

I have taken dance classes, participated in dance concerts, gone out salsa dancing, and lately, even taken part in competitive ballroom dancing.

It’s clear to me that dancing is a part of my “ser” — a part of my being, and who I am.

And yet… I can get the needs I have met by just making sure I get out and move my bootie every once in a while. 🙂 I have a dance “studio” set up in my garage, and I can dance there if nothing else. I can practice my arm placement, stretch my legs, and do spins, even if I’m all by myself.

What is that thing that moves you? Is it singing, writing, speaking with others, hiking, pretending or doing crafts? Is it traveling, learning new languages, reading a book of poetry, playing with your dog, drawing a picture, or teaching yoga?

Whatever it is that you love — make sure that you do it with some frequency! We often forget that what motivates us, and keeps us refreshed and resilient is simply listening to our spirit. And our spirit is very clear about what it needs and what it wants — because it’s what we love to do…

Finding your passion doesn’t have to be difficult or a long process.

It can be as simple as cooking a good meal for those you love, watching a funny movie, or spending some time shopping with a good girlfriend.

We all have things we want to do in our careers and professional lives, and at the same time, let’s not forget about what we do for pure pleasure.

Take some time to enjoy, mujer, and do that for you — and for those around you.

Wouldn’t we all be better off if we made sure that we fed our souls on at least a weekly basis? Find your passions, and go for it!

As Latinas, we tend to be so creative, so active, so talented — let’s get out there and show ‘em what we’re made of!!!

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