Camping is an integral part of outdoor activities. If you are camping be sure to carry a tent, or else you will be out in the cold, crying to go back home. The Eddie Bauer Sport Dome Tent is a wonderful selection for you if you’re traveling with light camping gear and you are traveling in small groups of three or at the most four.

Camping should be a time of relaxation and a time well spent with your family going to the beach and of course going outdoors, to participate in outdoor activities . When camping one of the most valuable tools for an exciting camping experience is your tent. Don’t forget your camping gear, this will also prove crucial, especially in the time of need. Now that you are going to be faced with the decision of choosing a tent out of many different sizes, shape and textures. The things that you need to consider in choosing your tent are: the size of your family, the cost of the tent, the reliability of the tent. You should also consider if your tent has rain resistant ability. The Eddie Bauer Sport Dome Tent only accommodates three or four persons. You should also bear in mind that the smaller attached side dome will automatically give you additional space. This additional space can be used for your pleasure or for storage.

The Eddie Bauer Sport Dome Tent also has special features such as polyester walls. The walls are stylishly decorated walls to make you feel extremely comfortable. If you look down at the flooring of the Eddie Bauer Sport Dome Tent, you will also see that the floors are nylon taffeta reinforced with seam tap, excellent trimmings. Another highlighted feature of this tent is that it possesses fiberglass poles which are shock-corded and relatively easy to set up. The Eddie Bauer Sport Dome Tent also has large polyester mesh windows, which provides top-class ventilation, and at the same time you can enjoy gazing at the beautiful starry effects of the night sky.

The Eddie Bauer Sport Dome Tent also has a rain fly with a clear-view window. Great you can still enjoy the natural vegetation, and relax in you tent drinking a hot cup of coffee or tea.  The Eddie Bauer Sport Dome Tent gets better with its’ drying hooks, hanging gear loft, which ultimately gives more space. Also this dome tent has a zippered storage bag and just in case something goes wrong for you, the Eddie Bauer Sport Dome Tent comes with a repair kit. It’s also good for different weather conditions.

Be careful, when purchasing this natural style tent, because if it starts to rain, you may find yourself in a difficult position. The Eddie Bauer Sport Dome Tent has limited water resistant abilities. There was on individual who went on camping with the Sport Dome Tent and to his surprised it rained and he was left in an uncomfortable position.

Below is a review of a customer who bought this tent at 2004:


I’m not a regular camper (but I’m willing to start)! I practiced setting up this tent one time before taking it camping, and that was good enough. My son and I were able to easily set it up at our campsite even though we got there after dark. We didn’t get to test it out on harsh elements like some other reviewers did, in fact the mountain weather was quite pleasant, but that gave us the opportunity to enjoy the *moon roof*. I had no problems with the zippers. The shoe vestibule worked very well for us, keeping our shoes dry and the tent floor relatively clean. The ceiling storage unit kept my eyeglasses within reach and from getting bent. I absolutely can not imagine having four people in there! We could have fit it one more adult without too much difficulty, but I liked the space I had, with just one teenager along. The *storage room* is not a separate room, but just kind of makes the tent bigger. Overall, it’s well worth the money.

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