When searching for a good family tent for your next excursion consider the Jeep Family dome tent.  If you’ve ever suffered in the wilderness in a poorly designed tent you will not want to be making the same mistake again. What plans will you be exploring with regards to your tent purchase? The Jeep two room eight person Cabin Tent is the solution to all the tent problems for your large family or group. This camp season you can avoid all the tent ills you may have had in the past by choosing the Jeep Family dome tent. 

With the Jeep Family dome tent, you can take along your entire family, and if your family is small you may even take your close friends. The Jeep Family dome tent is extremely spacious and comfortable. The tent has space for up to eight people easily and comfortably.  And the tent is constructed to have two large rooms which can be separated by a room divider. The Jeep dome tent will feel like your own home because of its two large bay windows that make the interior of the tent feel extra spacious, while you extend yourself relaxing. Most tents don’t usually hold up under extreme weather conditions, this is not so with the Jeep Family dome tent. The Jeep Family dome tent was created to successfully resist water entry. The flooring of the Jeep dome tent is sonic-sealed, and designed to prevent any water from entering the tent. Moreover the floors are welded and not sewn like other weaker modeled dome tents. You can forget about stitching floors or using your grandmother’s needles, these floors are welded. The Jeep dome tent continues to display water-resistant qualities in that it is built with a sturdy rainfly that provides superior waterproofing. To add to your protection, the strong sturdy rainfly of the Jeep Dome Tent can be used as a standalone awning on warmer than usual days, or as a protection against mild showers, when you are having meals outside of your tent.  

When it comes to storage, again the Jeep family dome tent outdoes the other models of tents.  This is because it offers ample storage compartments namely, two front storage areas and two overhead gear lofts for you camping equipment. These storage compartments provide plenty of storage room for securing valuables and important camping gear among other things. The Jeep dome tent makes your attempts to clean easier because it possesses a sweep-out doorsill for easy tidying. In addition, the Jeep family dome tent comes with a large mud mat to be placed at the entrance of the tent, so mud particles can be trapped and easily thrown away. 

The roomy, “home away from home” Jeep dome tent is allow adults over six feet tall to comfortably stand while inside the tent. The Jeep Dome tent is designed uniquely as its has two patented bay style windows for excellent spacing, ventilation and provides an extraordinary view of the nature around your campsite.  The Jeep dome tent is a must have, you are assured stability, durability, spaciousness, just to name a few qualities.

Check the review about this product from Amazon:

Nathan S.,

After hours upon hours of tent searching I arrived at this one but found very few reviews associated with it. I purchased it for my wife and I to go camping for our first anniversary while I was home on leave from Iraq. The first thing that I noticed is that it is a heavy tent! No big deal if you’re driving to the camping spot and unpacking your truck right there but you probably won’t want to be backpacking this thing into your site. Dome tents are designed for more headroom but that adds to the weight factor as well. The tent, the fly, the stakes, and the poles all come in a nice gym bag type carrying case that says jeep on the side. I absolutely LOVE it because the material is strong and will protect your tent while it’s in storage. It has two handles that make it more than easy to transport. The overall weight is between 35 and 40 pounds. My former cheaper tents came in poorly constructed bags that ripped and fell apart over the years. This one’s carrying case is wonderful and will last as long as your tent!

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