Most fishermen are aware that having a stable platform to fish from is a necessity. Even though fishing from a kayak is almost impossible they do have one benefit over flat base fishing boats, and that is maneuverability. Precisely what boat type includes stability and maneuverability? You guessed it; the inflatable pontoon fishing boat. As you will observe on this page, the inflatable pontoon fishing boat is light in weight, long lasting, as well as stable in the water.

An inflatable pontoon fishing boat comes with several choices depending on your angling needs. One and two seater options are readily available. These seats are generally well built and some models are available with plenty of padding to make sitting in them for long periods of time comfortable. Many inflatable pontoon fishing boat seats will also include a high back for leverage while rowing. You may also decide to buy a small electric motor for your inflatable pontoon fishing boat. The motors make trolling and maneuvering whilst managing fishing tackle easier. They come in varying sizes, 2hp or 3hp being the most typical. Prior to deciding on your inflatable pontoon fishing boat you will want to take both you and your fishing buddy’s weight into consideration.

It should be clear that an inflatable boat is going to be simpler to transport than a large flat bottom boat or even a kayak. An inflatable boat can simply be folded down for moving. Some larger designs might not be as maneuverable but they should not need a trailer in order to carry them. A one man inflatable fishing boat can generally be folded down into a large backpack. These types of boats range in weight from 20 up to 40 lbs. If you anticipate trekking with your boat, it is not recommended that you take a motor along with you. A boat motor can significantly increase the weight of the craft.

Rigid metal frame design helps make the inflatable pontoon boat very durable. They’re built to last for years and may easily be repaired or patched should an issue occur. The pontoons are fabricated from coated PVC and thick nylon and so are strong enough to be taken down mild rocky rapids. There’s some trade off when it comes to durability with these craft. The more durable the more the boat will weigh. If you intend simply using your boat for fishing you may want to opt for a more durable boat as you will probably not be hiking with it for extended distances. Some designs even offer fold-down wheels as an option. These wheels can make transporting your vessel from the car to the shore much easier as well as cut down on some of the wear on the bottom of the boat from dragging.

An inflatable pontoon fishing boat doubles for alternative activities such as swimming and sun bathing. Before selecting your boat ensure you take into account all the things you want to use your boat for and take into consideration the amount of storage space each boat features.

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