One of the pleasures of camping out can be a hearty breakfast.  Consider the morning smell of coffee and bacon drifting all around your campsite.  Colemahn propane camp stoves make a camp breakfast effortless to cook.  Coleman stoves have gone backpacking with our family for as long as I can bear in mind.  You’d have to be of a specific age for your initial factor that comes to mind once you think of your Coleman stove is “SSSSS”! The old pressure white gas stoves and lanterns had that distinctive sound that came to become synonymous with backpacking.  Now propane canisters have replaced the white gas for the quieter less difficult cooking encounter.

Coffee Anyone?

These propane stoves make short work of the morning camp coffee.  With two 10,000 BTU burners the coffee pot will boil up in about five minutes giving you a hot cup to sip while cooking breakfast.  With 2 excellent burners going pancakes and bacon may be done at the very same time.  A propane canister will offer you about an hour of cooking time with both burners on high, which can be a lot more than is necessary for just about any meal.

Beyond Boiling Water

If your camp meals have consisted of prepackaged meals heated up on the one-burner stove or even a pot of pasta then you do not know what you’ve been missing!  Using a excellent stove it is possible to make a meal as fancy or basic as you like.  Go over and above heating up soup and chili and attempt your hand at a stir fry future backpacking trip.  With independently adjustable burners it is possible to set the rice on lower heat as well as the stir fry pan on higher heat when you’re prepared to get woking! Do your prep of cutting up veggies and meat at home, produce a sauce in a jar so it just needs being shaken up and dinner is going to be a snap.  Adding some new foods to your menu will set some added fun in your subsequent outdoor adventure.


What ever you determine to make, you know that you simply have the Coleman title backing up your gear.  A title that’s been approximately for more than 100 years and has come to mean backpacking for a lot of folks.  The new Colemahn propane camp stoveswith the PerfectFlow system keeps the propane with a constant flow regardless of cold, elevation or lower canister, so no surprises to the cook or need to have a helper to continue to keep pumping up that pressurized gas!

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