Are you visiting Madrid on a budget and only have a few euros to spend on food? Do not panic, there are plenty of inexpensive food to be found!

Pan’s & Company is Spain’s answer to fast, but arguable less greasy, food. It’s a fast food chain, but with lots of healthy options. From their wide range of hot and cold sub sandwiches to the a nice salad selection to their coffee bar, diners flock to this restaurant chain for a bargain meal. With a menu based on the ever-so-healthy Mediterranean diet, choose from a wide range of set ingredients and choose your bread.

Some locations:

Plaza Callao, 3
Metro Callao (L5)
Tel. 91 532 1712

Calle Goya, 5
Metro Serrano (L4)
Tel. 91 576 3740

Gran Vía, 30
Metro Gran Vía (L5)
Tel. 91 521 4818

Another good budget choice is one of the many kebab shops. These are Barcelonas equivalent to Turkish Starbucks because they can be found on every corner.

Mmmm, a kebab. That’s just what the doctor ordered, because hey, you really can’t go wrong with this meal option. Choose either lamb or chicken, typically, the meat is displayed on two giant vertical skewers spinning around in the front window. The restaurant owner throws that meat into a freshly-toasted pita (or try the “pizza”, where they wrap it up in a long tortilla), he (it’s always a he) adds some lettuce, onion, tomato and the award-winning spicy sauces, and voilá – You are about to set your teeth into perfection for only four euro!

Below is a list of some good kebab shops in Barcelona:

Kebab Alhambra
Calle Jacometrezo, 15
Metro Callao (L5), Metro Santo Domingo (L2)

Mundo Kebab
Hortaleza, 4
Metro Gran Via (L5)

Doner Kebab Istanbul
Calle San Mateo, 9
Metro Tribunal (L1, L10)

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