Every heating season is different and so is the lineup of pellet stoves from various manufacturers. A few manufacturers offer bare bones models with no frills in an effort to keep pellet stoves affordable for just about anybody who needs one.

This year is no different with many pellet stove models available for less than $1,300. These are full sized units with the capacity to heat 1,500 – 2,000 sq. ft. and carry warrantees of 12 months parts and labor.

And when you deduct the 30% Federal energy tax credit from historically low prices, cheap pellet stoves get even cheaper by hundreds of dollars more. If your State or County government has some type of energy efficiency rebate program in place you could benefit even more.

So why are these pellet stoves so cheap?

1. No Decoration As you can see from the pictures below, none of these stoves is trimmed in brass or painted a designer color. If you’ve been shopping for pellet stoves or inserts then you already know that upgrading to brass trim on just the door can add $300 to the price.

2. No Bells and Whistles Although all of these stoves has automatic ignition, they lack the sophisticated electronics of more expensive models. This is not necessarily a drawback when you consider the finicky nature of some stoves with electronic controls; not to mention the hundreds of dollars it costs to replace the master control module if it fails. The lack of electronics also makes these units less convenient to operate. For instance, if you want to adjust the temperature you have get up and turn a knob instead of using the remote control.

3. Demand is Down Pellet stoves and inserts are still enjoying brisk sales, but it would be hard to top last year’s activity spurred on by $4.00 a gallon heating oil. This presents an opportunity to take advantage of the situation before the economy heats up once again and reignites the demand for fossil fuels.

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