Camping is one of the recreational activities that help us get relief from our day-to-day stress and also regain our physical and mental strength. Any camping is done in remote areas, away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Camping could be done on high mountains, river valleys, forests, natural parks, or other places closely related to Mother Nature. Even though camping is usually done with tents or other make-shift shelters, primitive structures like caves could also be used for camping. A few people prefer to spend their camping time in the open, without the help of any kind of shelter.

Most of the time, camping is combined with another recreational activity like hill climbing, trekking, canoeing, swimming, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, whitewater rafting, etc. Here are a few ideas to enjoy camping as a great hobby and also have terrific fun at the same time.

Camping Amenities

Before setting out on a camping trip, decide on the level of the amenities that you wish to have. This would normally depend on the people who participate in the camp, if others are also involved. If the camping area is a rugged one, then all the participants should be healthy enough to withstand the rigors of the camp. However, certain basic amenities are available to all backpackers nowadays, like comfortable beds or mattresses, folding chairs, solar powered heater, lanterns, and satellite phones, etc.

If you wish to have more amenities, then recreational vehicles that are provided with bathrooms, showers, kitchen, air conditioning, television and home theatre, etc. are also available. The camping gear also comes in several ranges that suit all kinds of budgets and amenities. These could be ascertained from the various websites of camping gear suppliers on the Internet.

Mobile Camping

Bicycle camping trips, motorcycle camping tours, canoe camping, recreational vehicles, etc. offer easier mobility, compared to backpacking. Backpacking generally involves trekking and hiking, while the other mobile camping arrangements help in moving around without any difficulty. On the other hand, the amount of materials that could be carried in a bicycle or a motorcycle is somewhat limited, compared to canoes or recreational vehicles. Still, the technological advancements in camping materials do allow present day campers to carry adequate stuff even on bicycles and motorcycles.

Camping Equipment

The normal camping equipment consists of the following items.

? Tent material for making a proper tent or a lean-to shelter, according to taste and the area of camping
? Hammer and tent stakes, along with ropes for securing the tent material and also for clothesline
? Sleeping bags with air mattresses or pads, along with blankets
? First aid kits
? Flashlights or lanterns or solar lamps
? Axe or hatchet for cutting firewood, if you plan to have campfire
? Hiking boots, insect repellants, sunscreens, sun tan lotions, raincoats, etc., to protect from the vagaries of nature
? Folding chairs, trash bags, towels, solar heaters, etc. as per your personal preferences and tastes
? Sustainable food items like dried fruits, nuts, etc. that last for a longer period

Apart from the above ideas, there are several more that you could think of on your own and implement easily with less cost. The fundamental rule is to enjoy camping as a great hobby and terrific fun.

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