More and more people are staying close to home during vacation. People are looking for affordable holiday options and travel tips. Experts say that travelers are looking for activities such as arts and crafts and water activities such as swimming, kayaking and canoeing. Camping in South Florida is an option and a great travel tip. The many different facilities for camping in South Florida offer cabins and space for tents and RVs. Lodging prices can range from $7 per night to $500 per month while camping in South Florida. Below are a few travel tips camping options:

Larry and Penny Thompson Park
12451 SW 184th Street, South Miami
The 270-acre campground boasts hiking paths, bridle trails, natural pine land and caters to campers in RVs or tents. There is recreation center, a sandy lake beach, pool, barbecue grills, a water slide and picnic tables. The campground gets crowded during the winter with snowbirds and British and German tourists. It has a lot less people during the summer. For more information, call 305-232-1049 or email L&

Camp Greynolds
18601 NE 22nd Ave, North Miami Beach
This 232-acre campground is occupied most of the summer. Scout troops and companies go for weekend retreats along the Oleta River. Most campers sleep on bunk beds in rustic cabins without fans or A/C. There is a kitchen and mess hall, restrooms, showers, barbecue grills and picnic tables. For more information, call 305-692-3079 or 305-945-3425.

Camp Owaissa Bauer
17001 SW 264th Street, South Miami
This campground is great for conferences, retreats, group camping and reunions. It has air-conditioned cabins. Enjoy the volleyball court, Eco-adventures camps and tours, bird watching, camp fires, hayrides and butterfly watching. For more information, call 305-247-6016.

A.D. Barnes Park
3401 SW 72nd Ave, West Miami
In July, this campground will reopen. The park welcomes group camping and offers Eco-Aventures tours, a fishing lake, playground, swimming pool and jogging trails. It is known for its Sense of Wonder Nature Center and Trail that is set among pin rock lands. For information, call 305-666-5883.

Everglades National Park
40001 State Road 9336, Homestead
Here, camping fees are waived during the summer and park officials warn of unfavorable conditions during the summer wet season. As water levels rise during the wet season, animals scatter making viewing difficult. For information, call 305-242-7700.

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