There can be a lot of costs involved with backpacking. Avoid having to cut your trip short by doing a realistic budget before you leave. Use the below items to create a budget for your next trip.

* Airline ticket – use a search engine to find the best prices

* Airport tax – sometimes included in the ticket price

* Cancellation insurance – may be included if you pay by visa

* Transfer costs to/from airport

* Insurance – check what is included in your home owner insurances

* Cost of immunizations – shop around, prices can vary a lot

* Medicine – some medication (e.g. against malaria) can be quite expensive

* Food – do you plan to cook yourself or eat out all the time?

* Accommodation

* Local transport

* Tours – these can be a lot cheaper if you buy them locally than through a middleman in your home country

* Tips – this can be quite expensive in some countries, check out what is expected

* Entrance fees

* Telephony – check roaming charges with your operator if you plan to bring your cell phone

* Internet

* Souvenirs

* Camera film

* Courses – do you plan to study a language, take surf lessons

* Film development

* Visa fees – may be cheaper to get on the road than back home

* Costs for home while away (e.g. rent, electricity)

* New things to buy (e.g. new backpack)

* Other unexpected costs (bound to happen)

Use the above budget items as a start to create your own cost model. Add or subtract items according to profile of the trip that you plan. Happy travels!

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