The sleeping bags from Big Agnes are not insulated on the bottom portion. Because of this, the bags do not lose the warmth when you sleep in it. These bags have a sleeve on the bottom into which you can slide in. You feel comfortably warmer and can enjoy a good sleep whether you are at home or somewhere far in the jungle. The different types of sleeping bags they offer are the classic sleeping bags, superlight mummy bags, women’s sleeping bags, couples, and children’s sleeping bags. These bags are available in smaller pack sizes and have sleeping pads also in them.

The sleeping pads can be bought separately or along with the sleeping bags. Some bags have in-built bags which maintain the warmth and comfort while you sleep. Big Agnes offers air chamber pads, self-inflating, memory foam, and lightweight pads. These are made of foam or nylon fabrics making it smooth and gentle on your skin.

The tents come in different varieties like 3-Season Tents, 4-Season Tents, Ultralight Tents, Superlight Tents, Backpacking Tents, Mountaineering Tents, and Solo Tents. The Ultralight tents are made of extremely lightweight materials and have lots of space inside. Thought lightweight, the materials are tested and are found to last long in the extreme weathers also. The backpacking tents can be folded to the maximum and carried as a backpack when not in use. The mountaineering tents are built to resist high speed wind currents and the frames are made of rust proof, strong materials. Most of the tents have extra large vestibules for storing things; can shelter four to eight people and the gear, and have lots of mesh pockets.

The duffels also are available in different sizes and varied styles. You can buy heavy luggage duffels if you intend to carry more items with you. There are water resistant duffels, padded duffels, camping and hiking duffels, as well as pillow duffels, and chair kit duffels. You can carry these easily as backpacks and take along wherever you go.

The special products from Big Agnes are very much in demand and there are discounts on these products owing to the demand. So the availability will be limited. Some of these products are Pre-Production Sleeping Bags, Mummy shaped sleeping pads, Superlight Mummy bags for women, Superlight synthetic bags, Pre-Production Tents, Royal Flush 3 tents, bug screen, Big Agne T shirts, Recycled sleeping bags, waterproof rolling duffels, and small size duffels.

You can shop online or locate Big Agnes dealers near you. When you order online you can check the website for information on the warranty, repairs, return policies, and shipping charges.

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