There are a number of things to do and places to visit in the country of Chile. These tourist sites in Chile all have their own unique history, culture and traditions and we will spend some time exploring the top ones that you won’t want to miss. If you are just visiting or are looking for a better understanding of Chilean culture these places will greatly help you understand a little bit more about their culture.

Easter Island

The first place that is a must see is Easter Island (Moai) The Chilean People refer to the island heads as Moai (meaning a stone figure). These figures stretch across the island some estimate the number of stone figures that are there are in the hundreds. Some of the stone faces have deteriorated over time but some have been lifted up and restored to their original splendor. Most are lying on the ground having falling over after many years of being neglected and torn apart.

Most historians recognize that the stone that was used to carve these great figures was a local quarry not to far away. The figures according to historians were most likely carved at the quarry site and then by using a system of rollers or logs and a system of pulleys were brought to where they currently reside on the island. Most of these figures are thought to represent a chief in the local village but no one is for sure since the original people who built them have never been found.


Santiago is the next destination that is a must see in Chile. This bustling capitol city has over five million people in it and has many attractions and places to see. Santiago is surrounded by many landscapes to the east you will see the vast snow peaked caps of the Andes mountains and to the west you will see the coastal range to the west. In this city in the heart of Chile you can explore political and social changes right from the history books. Explore the great architecture of a once great civilization and breathe in the aromas of the traditional food that is still made as their ancestors made it hundreds of years ago. There is also continuous entertainment in the downtown sections so you are never at a loss where to go for life day or night.

 Reserva Nacional Los Flamencos

If you are looking into some of the natural wonders instead Chile also offers some of the best natural wonders you will see in South America. One of the best places to look into would be surrounding the National Reserve of Los Flamencos near San Pedro. N the reserve you can experience extremely surreal landscapes full of natural Ecological wonders, exotic animal species, as well as Striking natural formations. You can visit the valley of the moon called (valle de la Luna) or take a swim into any number of lakes and rivers formed by the natural formation of the area. The salt lakes also offer some of the most dramtic views of the volcanos in the andes mountain chain you will ever see.


This is one of the many towns in Chile but this one has some very unique aspects that you may find enjoyable on your travels. This town is specifically famous for its distinctive rows of stilted houses that line the main roads to the estuaries. The locals use this to their advantage and you will find many wonderful homemade crafts and traditional handicrafts for sale here outside the main city at very low prices. You can also take in some of the many restaurants in the area and taste some of the original and traditional seafood plates that are available. The town became famous for one landmark called the Iglesias San Francisco it is painted in remarkable colors and it projects wonderful colors and art that is pleasing to the eye.

El Tatio Geysers

Again those that are enamored with the natural wonders of the world there is one more location that is a must see for expats and tourist in Chile. This is the El Tatio Geysers it is the worlds highest geyser field at over 13000 ft above sea level. The streams of hot stream and water can shoot out of these geysers at over 40 ft. With the explosions of these geysers they leave unusual and fascinating formations all-around the area that will have any geologist jump for joy at the aspect of seeing some of the wonders of the inner crust of these mountains. So a trip here will be worth your times.

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