Hotels these days are a second home for many people. For the backpacking souls and business travellers, the road and the hotels are where they spend most of their time. This is what has spurred a host of requirements from hotels in Puri for such travellers. I accept that families and vacationers usually travel with everything that they may need, but if a sudden travel plan was formed and you just ended up throwing your clothes and shoes into a bag before you started, then chances are that you are relying on the hotel amenities for the rest. So let us look at the basic amenities that every accommodation hotel in Puri should be able to offer to their guests.

Ananya Resorts

1. Tea/Coffee Making Machine

Guests who love to enjoy an early morning tea or those who end the day with a one will know how important those tea and coffee sachets are. This is an amenity that is now recognized by almost every hotel room in Puri. Tea and coffee are after all some of the most common beverages in the world and guests may find it annoying to pick up the phone at odd hours to ask for a cup of tea or coffee. Luxury resorts in Puri like Ananya Resorts aim to make basic things like these available for our customers all the time.

2. Basic Toiletries

A shampoo, a conditioner and a body wash are three things that most of the guests rely on the hotels to provide. People may carry their own dental kit, but there is hardly anyone who travels these days with shampoo and soaps any longer.  Accommodation resorts in Puri must be able to provide these basic things to augment the level of services they provide to their guests and to ensure guest satisfaction. This is not just limited to the best resorts in Puri, but it is today a requirement in just about any resort in Puri.

3. Safe

A lot of guests travel with their valuables. There are some who may be carrying a lot of cash too. Every Puri hotel should make sure that they have a safe in every hotel room in Puri to ensure that their guests do not feel insecure when it comes to travelling with valuables. It also saves the hotel unwanted hassles when the guests are away and the rooms are being cleaned. It is easier when a safe holds all the valuable and the responsibility then lies with the guest more than the hotel or resort in Puri that they are staying in.


This is pretty basic. While I know people who choose to carry their own towels with them, and I also know that many guests end up carrying the hotel towels along with them, this is an amenity that cannot be done without. Towels are something that should be provided not just by the Luxury hotels in Puri, but by all accommodation hotel in Puri.

 5. Stationery

Your guests will be thankful when their boss calls and they have to make a quick note. Stationery is an absolute must in every hotel room in Puri so that the guest does not have to worry about packing pens and diaries when they make a travel plan. They can instead focus on their clothes and shoes. Luxury hotel in Puri like Ananya Resorts ensures that these simple needs of their guests are met without having to ask for it.

 6. Laundry

Laundry service in a hotel are absolutely necessary because if you have a guest who is going to stay for a long period of time, they may soon require laundry services. Without a laundry service, you may not have a happy guest and chances of the guest moving to a different accommodation hotel in Puri can be high in a case like this. 

When it comes to amenities, Ananya Resorts is considered to be the best resort in Puri for meeting the needs of our guests quickly and ensuring that all the amenities are available at the time of check in. This helps us with a better customer experience and our guests are also able to enjoy their stay without having to continuously worry about the Puri hotel that they are living in. For more information visit:

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