If you are considering going on any lengthy backpacking trip, then you will have to think about the food that you will require for your trip.Your food and water are a vital part of your kit, and should be one of your top priorities.Having a few backpacking food ideas will help you to plan a good menu that will keep you fit and happy on the trail.


Making sure that your water is safe to drink is most important, but it does not have to be a difficult or complicated procedure. All water should be first filtered and have some kind of water purification treatment added to it. Iodine tablets are a popular method of sterilising water although they can make the water taste a little funny. To overcome this you can buy a neutralising powder to add to the water, or you could simply use some sugar free drink flavouring.


Carrying lots of heavy food around with you for days can get very tiring so try to choose things that are lightweight and easy to cook. Canned Tuna and Chicken is a great backpacking favourite. Bread can be a bit tricky to carry and it gets stale very quickly, so try taking crackers or tortillas as an alternative.

Instant foods were you just add boiling water (like instant mash potatoes or noodles) are great as they are light to carry and are cooked in no time. Also try taking some dried meats like jerky.These foods may get a little boring after a while so take some things like curry powder and seasonings to spice things up a bit.

You can also get some really good ready meals that also just require the adding of boiling water.There is a great range of these from different manufacturers, you can get anything from main meals to breakfasts and puddings, and they all come in their own individual package with instructions.

Do not forget to take along some snacks, things like high energy bars can give you a wonderful boost without the need to stop and cook. And of course don’t forget (G.O.R.P Good Old Raisins and Peanuts) these can be made up of your personal favourites, things like banana chips, dried fruit, mixed nuts,peanut m and m`s, and anything else that takes your fancy.

These are just a few backpacking food ideas, and it will of course depend on individual taste as to what you actually carry with you but I hope it has given you a basic starting point for your own Backpacking food ideas.

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