Backpackers Insurance – Don’t Travel Without It

Taking an extended journey to experience the greater world is not without it’s hazards. Lost baggage, flight delays and illness or injury are just some of the aspects of travel that can turn an adventure into an outright disaster.

Affordable, long term travel insurance is the ideal way to ensure that your costs will be covered for a number of eventualities. Make sure that the backpackers insurance that you choose will cover you for the following: travels:

Extended Cover

Backpackers insurance should provide cover for the entire period of your proposed journey. Traditional travel insurance provides cover from between one and three months whereas backpackers insurance can cover you for up to 18 months of travel. The cost of your insurance premium will be reflected in the period of time over which you will require the cover.

A variety of destinations

Make sure that the insurance you choose covers you in all the destinations that you plan to travel to – as well as some you may visit on impulse. Some insurance companies will only provide limited coverage in specific countries or continents.

Loss of baggage

The most common complaint among travelers of all kinds is misplacement or loss of baggage. Luggage can be stolen or simply lost in transit when using different transport companies. This risk is increased when traveling for a long period of time and using various modes of transport to get to your destinations.

backpackers insurance

backpackers insurance

Backpackers insurance should provide you with the means to replace any of your belongings within a couple of days of loss. However, it is important to ensure that you are not traveling with any valuables that will not be covered by your insurance policy.


Find out whether your travel insurance will cover your medical costs should you become ill. There are a variety of basic illnesses – such as the flu or a simple tummy bug – that can afflict you or more serious diseases that are native to the countries you may be visiting. While the expense of basic illnesses is not always covered, more serious ailments, especially where hospitalization may be required, must be provided for.

Accident and injury

This is probably the most important feature of your backpackers insurance policy. Accidents happen all the time and are usually out of your control but can have serious consequences. The insurance should include the following coverage:

– Accients or injury incurred while taking part in dangerous or adventurous activities. This is especially important if you plan in taking part in risky activities such as bungee jumping, parasailing, skiing, scuba diving, etc. See if your insurance policy lists the types of activities that they will cover you for in case of injury.

– Workplace injuries. If you are planning on supplementing your travel budget by working during your travels, find out if you will be covered for any work related injuries that may occur.

– If you are seriously injured and can no longer continue with your journey, find out if your backpackers insurance will cover the expenses for a flight back to your home country.

– Travelling to remote areas increases the risk of injury and comes with a lack of emergency care facilities. Your travel insurance should provide you with emergency medical evacuation should you plan on visiting areas where medical care will not be available.

backpackers insurance

backpackers insurance

– Nobody wants to think about the risk of death occurring during their holiday, but this is a reality that needs to be planned for. Your choice of insurance should cover the expense for your bodily remains to be returned to your family in the event of death.

Age considerations

While some insurance policies will only cover backpackers under the age of 30, others will provide for travelers up to 65 years of age. However, your age could affect the premiums.

Compare costs

Full, comprehensive coverage from your travel insurance company, covering all the items listed above, is of course the recommended course of action. This can however be too costly for most backpackers. Comparing the costs and cover to meet your requirements from different travel insurance providers is essential.

Remember that most insurance policies have different tiers of coverage. So if you aren’t planning on partaking in dangerous activities or don’t want to travel to remote regions, take a cheaper option that does not provide for these eventualities.

The different tiers may also provide you with a range of expenses that will be covered. The highest tier will probably cover all your costs while lower tiers will only cover a percentage of the cost or provide you with a monetary value to cover your expenses.

While it is important to take your budget into consideration, it is essential to travel with the best backpackers insurance that you can afford.

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