With tourism having spread its wings wide all over the country, there are different styles of travels, which one can engage in, these days. In India, things were pretty dull in the tourism department until a couple of decades ago as mostly family travels or pilgrimages were the only travel opportunities people would get. But with India’s younger generation taking things into their own hands, budget travelling and backpacking has also become commonplace. From venturing into off-beat tourist spots to making your own road on a trek in search of the ultimate solitude, there’s a lot of experimental travels being planned these days.

When setting out on such an expedition, rolling your trolley up the mountain face is definitely a big “No No”! For such instances nothings beats the convenience of a backpack. A backpack is a large rucksack, which could easily fit all your necessities in it. Thanks to the well-crafted design of these bags, apart from usual travel essentials such as clothes, toiletries, etc. these are also capable of storing camping equipment, mountaineering gear, and other adventure equipment in its side pockets or the loops provided can be used to attach ice tools, trekking poles, etc.

A backpack is designed in such a way that despite of the heavy load that it carries, it gets evenly distributed over the entire back. By making use of the various straps and belts, the majority of weight is concentrated around the hip and lower back region of the backpacker. While on a trek, this becomes particularly useful, as there is a very negligible amount of load experienced and one can easily steer through the course of the trek.

If you are looking forward to buying a backpack online for your travel needs, then here we give you a few suggestions on how to choose the best one according to your physical condition and requirements. Do not forget to check out ShopClues.com, as they have a wide variety of backpacks available online, and you can certainly hope to find the best one here.

  • Trip Length and Capacity: Depending on the duration of your trips, you can determine the capacity of your backpack. If you find yourself going out on weekend trips mostly, then a backpack with a capacity of 30-50 liters should be good for you. For intermediate trips, 50-70 liter backpack is a good choice. For longer durations however, one should opt for a 70+ liter backpack.
  • Size: The backpack should be a fit for your torso length and waist size. If a woman or teenager is going to use the bag, then look out for lightweight, smaller sized options.

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