~ Obesity  ~ Immune signaling  ~ Endothelial dysfunction  ~ Alcoholism  ~ Inflammation  ~ Heavy metal poisoning

~ Angina and spastic angina  ~ Unstable angina  ~ Heart attacks ~ Positive stress tests  ~ Reperfusion after cardiac bypass surgery

~ Emphysema (COPD)  ~ Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF)  ~ Asthma  ~ Muscle wasting in COPD  ~ Chronic bronchitis  ~ Tobacco abuse

~ Migraine headaches  ~ Alzheimer’s  ~ Parkinson’s  ~ Multi infarct dementia  ~ Autism  ~ ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)  ~ Bipolar disease
~ Schizophrenia  ~ Lou Geri’s disease  ~ Huntington’s chorea  ~ Multiple Sclerosis (MS)  ~ Depression

~ Cataracts  ~ Macular Degeneration

~ Hepatitis A, B, and C  ~ Herpes simplex  ~ Herpes zoster/shingles  ~ Influenza and Bird Flu  ~ HIV  ~ MRSA ~ Common viral infections (upper respiratory, gastroenteritis)  ~ Others

~ Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) ~ Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) ~ Multiple Sclerosis (MS)  ~ Systemic Sclerosis (Scleroderma) Syndrome  ~ Behcet’s Syndrome  ~ ME/CFS ~ Fibromyalgia  ~ Others

~ Wrinkles, sagging  ~ Acne  ~ Psoriasis  ~ Atopic dermatitis  ~ Eczema  ~ Others

ONCOLOGY  Every cancer studied including:
~ Brain  ~ Head and neck  ~ Thyroid  ~ Lung  ~ Esophagus  ~ Stomach  ~ Intestine  ~ Liver  ~ Pancreas  ~ Kidney  ~ Uterine  ~ Ovarian  ~ Prostate  ~  Leukemia (acute and chronic)  ~ Lymphoma  ~ Multiple myeloma  ~ Others

~ Infertility  ~ Spontaneous abortions  ~ Pre Menstrual Syndrome

The Devastating Consequences of Glutathione Shortage

  • Without glutathione, every cell in your body would die prematurely from its own waste products.
  • Without glutathione your entire defense (immune) system would surrender to the first virus you encountered and cease to function.
  • Without glutathione, your liver, which cleanses all the toxins you ingest or inhale and acts as a washing machine, could no longer cleanse any poison or toxin, as glutathione is, in a sense, the detergent for the washing machine.
  • Without glutathione (and I mean a complete absence) oxygen-based life (us) would be impossible.


Serge, Age: 46, Improved Cellular Function
Back in 2005, I suffered a heart attack, three weeks before my 44th birthday; I remember thinking, “What’s going on? I’m too young for this!” But it did happen. Since then, I was plagued with chronic fatigue, heart palpitation, headaches and more.

I started taking the glutathione supplement last spring and after 3 days of taking it my palpitation had ceased. Then one week later my fatigue was gone and so were my headaches.

But on thing I did not expect. Since I was very young, I chewed my fingernails (I was always a nervous child) and one day, after about 3 months on the glutathione supplement, I started to notice fingernails growing for the first time in 40 years. My stress levels had gone down so gradually that I did not notice that I did not chew my nails in a few days, and have not had the urge to chew my nails since then. I’ve also noticed my E.D. as a result of my heart attack had also been corrected. My sleep patterns have also been much better, as well as my mental focus.

Jillyn, Improved Cellular Function-Musculoskeletal
In February 2006, working as a teacher I, Jillyn, at 52 years old was tripped in the hall and landed on my left knee. It immediately swelled up and I struggled to walk. I was sent to two doctors, one was an orthopedic surgeon I had X-rays, and an MRI done. I was told my MRI showed a meniscus cartilage tear. It hurt so bad I couldn’t sleep and I walked with severe pain. I was given Prednisone and Amitriptyline to bring down the inflammation and the pain, but to no avail. I was on crutches for a month but that didn’t help either.

Then in April 2007, over a year later and still in pain, I was then sent to another orthopedic surgeon who really is a specialist in knees. He said I definitely needed surgery. But I am allergic to a lot of anti-inflammatories so I wanted to think about it for a few weeks. I then heard about the glutathione supplement and started taking it to see if it would help my fibromyalgia which I was diagnosed with in 1980 by a rheumatologist. Some symptoms of fibromyalgia, besides pain and lack of energy that I also struggle with are severe insomnia where many nights I did not sleep at all and a lack of mental clarity.

The longer I was on the glutathione supplement, the better I felt. After about 2 months of taking it I noticed increased mental clarity, my energy level was up and there was less stiffness in my joints and muscles. I sleep better and I feel better than I have in 27 years! I am sleeping all night, every night, and my knee is NOT painful anymore.

Now 1 ½ years since the fall, Oct. 1, I had a follow up with the knee specialist, the orthopedic surgeon who I saw last April. I was concerned about the surgery and when to have it. After my exam he wrote up the results and asked if I wanted a copy. In those results he wrote,

‘PLAN: Because her symptoms have shown signs of resolution and her exam is benign today would recommend holding off on surgery for now. Continue to follow on a conservative basis using the glutathione supplement. Since the inflammation is now resolving, it will take another 6 months or so for complete healing.”

My orthopedic surgeon then explained that by keeping the inflammation down with the glutathione supplement my body has been able to work on healing my meniscus cartilage tear. He then recommended careful exercise to build my knee strength, so the very next day I walked ONE mile on it, which I had not dared do, and my knee felt fine. I am ecstatic!

My knee is doing wonderful, NO surgery needed, my fibromyalgia seldom bothers me anymore, I have more energy, better mental clarity and I sleep every night.

For years I have also had severe allergies. And after four months on the glutathione supplement, I was able to keep my allergies completely under control. I felt normal and even forgot about my allergies until one day my husband asked me why I wasn’t suffering with them. I said I was only taking my glutathione supplement and had no allergy symptoms.

Frank and Judy, Improved Cellular Function
I am 46 years young and I live in Peachland, BC.

In 1997, we were hit with the news that I was being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a neurological disease which leaves little hope for the future. Our children were young teens at the time and needless to say this was terrifying for all of us. With MS comes many different types of symptoms, muscle pain and spasm, mental and physical fatigue, poor balance, I can go on and on. Activities had to be well planned so that I could be well rested. I hated feeling like a burden to my family.

As things go over the next years so many well intentioned friends and friends of friends were convinced they could “cure” my MS with their various products etc. Being somewhat of a realist I didn’t want any part of bouncing from product to product, I did my research, there is no cure for MS!

In January of 2005 my husband had a heart attack, yet another blow for us! Two surgeries and 11 stints later he is taking huge doses of Lipitor (80 mg daily).

Our children now being young adults and heading out on their own, I wanted a change for us so we moved to Peachland and semi-retired.

In June of 2007 my husband was introduced to a glutathione supplement. I was willing to try it.

About two weeks into taking the glutathione supplement, I had to admit that I was feeling so much better than I had in years! Less spasm, less pain, less fatigue and more energy than I had in some time! WOW and this gets better. After two months on the product, my husband’s medication was reduced by 20% to 60 mg of Lipitor daily.

Glutathione has been so much more than a supplement. It has and is changing our lives daily. I still have MS but MS doesn’t have me! We are looking forward to a much longer life and a better quality of life than we ever could have imagined!

Jean, Improved Cellular Function-Neurologic
I am a 52 year old woman with Parkinson’s. I was diagnosed in 2002, at the age of 47. My neurologist is Ali H. Rajput, OC, SOM, MBBS, FRCPC, of Royal University Hospital, Saskatoon, Canada. I was last seen by Dr. Rajput in December of 2006, when it was determined I could no longer work (I was a bakery manager at the time). This is a part of his letter to my family doctor. “Jean was examined 3 hours and 30 minutes after the last dose of Sinemet. There was a 2+ resting tremor in the left upper limb and 1+ resting tremor in all other limbs. There is 2+ postural tremor in the right upper limb and 1+ in the left upper limb. Her pronation/supernation is at 2+ on the left side and 1+ on the right side, and heel tapping is 3+ on the left and 1+ on the right. There is 1+ rigidity. Her posture is stable; she is therefore at Stage 2 disability.”

I first started taking the glutathione supplement in late May 2007. I started with three capsules in the morning and three in the afternoon. I felt nauseated, weak, developed a headache, and broke out in hives. So I then started taking only 1 capsule twice daily for three days. Then I went to 1 and 2 for 3 days. I still did not feel really well. Then I went to 2 and 2. By day 10, I started to feel really good. I actually slept for 4 hours straight, something that had not happened in the last 2 years. By day 12, I was feeling great! My medication did not “wear off” in one to one-and-a half hours like it usually did, but lasted 3 hours before wearing off! My pain level went from about an 8 to a 2. For the first time since about January of 2007, I did not have to use a came to walk! What a wonderful feeling that was! There was no more Parkinson’s shuffle, and the cramping in my left arm and leg was minimal. And instead of sleeping half the afternoon away, I only need about a 15-minute nap. I started taking 3 and 3 capsules on about day 30. The hives have gone away and no more headaches. So, to sum up the first 3 months;

1) My energy level increased (from about a 2 to a 6)
2) I sleep for about three hours straight and for a total of about 6 hours per night, whereas before, I was lucky to get a total of 4 hours per night.
3) My medications last 3 to 3-and-a-half hours instead of 1 to 1-and-a-half hours, resulting in:

a) Less tremors
b) Less muscle cramping
c) Less muscle rigidity
d) Do not lose my voice very often
e) Do not have as much trouble swallowing
f) Pain in joints is minimal (as opposed to all day)
g) Do not need cane to walk
h) Less depression
i) My thinking is a lot clearer, not so foggy in the morning
j) Panic attacks are less
k) I fee more confident in such things as my driving, going put alone, etc.
l) Overall, more “on” time than “off” time

In September, I felt the glutathione supplement was not working as well, so I started taking 3 in the morning, 3 just after lunch, and 3 at around 4 or 5 p.m. This seems to be working well.

Shirley, Improved Cellular Function
About three months ago, I had problems with my joints bones and muscles, I wasn’t very good company. I felt old, much older than my age. I couldn’t walk upstairs or hills. Just standing after sitting for a while would give me excruciating pain. I never felt good about anything in my life for about 10 years. Although I was skeptical, I started taking the glutathione supplement.

In one week, I started to notice little things, like going about the house humming. The first time I caught myself humming n the morning before coffee, WOW! Then I was walking upstairs without stopping halfway or on my hands and knees. Now I feel so good I can walk up a hill, that before I would have had to stop three or four times before reaching the top. Now I just keep on going without getting out of breath or feeling any pain whatsoever. I would recommend the glutathione supplement to anyone, at any age. I am now 68 going on 45 or 50. Before I felt like 68 going on 80.

Carvel, Improved Cellular Function
I am 66 years old. Using the glutathione supplement has changed my life. Yes, I have reentered life!

I experienced a significant benefit within 2 hours of using this product. I feel better now than I have in many years.

Here is my story.

I was in near perfect health, so I believed, through my late 50’s. Then I was assaulted by serious mental and physical health challenges.

I had been an outdoor enthusiast. I ran my first marathon at age 47. I ran at least one marathon a year for 10 consecutive years. I did a lot of mountain biking and backpacking into the backcountry. Also, I snow skied —- never at a high skill level, but I had the energy and strength to do it.

All that great outdoor stuff stopped when I became ill. I stopped exercising and gained 75 pounds. For several years I was not living life —- I was merely surviving from one day to the next.

I was diagnosed with severe depression and an anxiety disorder. Every day for at least 5 years, I had pains in my chest; some days it was only at an uncomfortable level, but most days the pain was excruciating.

I was committing many thinking errors. It adversely affected every area of my life, including financial, spiritual, and social.

Nothing seemed to deliver relief. I was hospitalized 3 times. I sought help from several different medical doctors. Many different pharmaceutical medicines were prescribed and used.
Still no relief.

I tried several alternative approaches to my health problems, including acupuncture, hypnosis and chiropractic. Nothing worked.

I spent a week with a holistic practitioner in Mexico. It didn’t help.

Many well intended people gave me advice – what to do – what to eat – what to drink – what to swallow, etc. Nothing worked.

I decided to take an early retirement. I retired from my career in 2003. Life was still very hard.

Then I decided to move from Utah to Hawaii. I made the move early November, 2006. I believe that helped, but I was still hurting.

I woke up every morning with turmoil in my chest. I can best describe it by reporting that it felt like cats inside my chest clawing.

Sometime late December, 2006, I learned about glutathione supplement. I began using it mid-January, 2007.

This is what happened. Within an hour or two after I first took the supplement, I felt softening of the anxiety in my chest. The pain went away, and has not returned. It is an absolute miracle.

But the softening of the anxiety per se, is not the most miraculous part of my experience. Not only was my anxiety going down, but my energy was increasing.

Never before had I taken anything, good or bad, that increased my energy and also reduced the anxiety. Usually when my energy increased, my anxiety cranked up.

So, my first two noticeable benefits were my anxiety reduced and my energy went up.

Here are some other benefits I noticed:

  • Better sleep – that is, more restful slumber
  • Natural color returning to my hair
  • Old scar tissue on my right shin repairing
  • Increased desire to accomplish things each day
  • Increased sense of well being

I do not use any prescribed medications. I feel discouraged sometimes, but I no longer suffer from depression; I know the difference.

Yes, using this product has changed my life. It is true that I feel better than I have in many years.

I am not yet back to the point to where I thought I was enjoying near perfect health. But, that is now up to me. I know I need to exercise more, and shed some pounds.
There is more, but I think I have captured, and shared the essence of my experience using the revolutionary product.

Shirley, Improved Cellular Function and Mood
I am 68 years of age. I have always been in very good health, eat organically and am a competitive athlete enjoying a great deal of energy. In 1995, I was run over by a car while practicing for a triathlon and had my leg crushed. I was 4 years in physio, in and out of a wheelchair along with 3 operations. The end result was —— no more running, limited walking, leg could not fully extend and the pain of arthritis began.

I also suffered for many years with familial arthritis in my hands, twisted, swollen fingers along with 24/7 pain. I always continued with a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly, Tai Chi and walking the doggies. I did not let the pain stop me from keeping fit. I was known among my friends as the gal who could do anything regardless of how difficult it was. I was a bit of a role model for some.

In 2006, my life changed for the worse, I became more and more depressed, had a total lack of energy, my previous mental drive became “mush” and it was all I could do to drag myself for my doggies’ daily walks. I was in fear of becoming one of those ‘old ladies’ that lie around eating bon-bons. It was hard to believe it was me!

The end of February 2007, I first took the glutathione supplement and three days later I returned with the vitality and drive that I had always enjoyed! I am talking three DAYS, not years! I was back to being me. Yes I still had pain BUT, 3 days after starting the supplement (2 packets a day) I commented to my husband that my eyesight was clearer as was my mental focus. It continued to improve to the point that I no longer used my glasses while driving at night. After four months I had my eyes checked by my specialist and he confirmed that yes indeed, “your eyesight has improved!”

My mental focus changed immediately from being in a depressed state to one of —- excitement waking to a new day! I felt absolutely wonderful and in such a positive state. I have suffered from Restless Legs Syndrome and that was gone within a month —– that was a delightful surprise. The next to go was the pain of arthritis —- it took 5 weeks. Now my rings spin on my fingers, no leg pain, and I can enjoy lying down in bed. I am now back on the treadmill, doing walk/run for one hour at an incline and practicing for the New York Marathon. My gym workout is 3 days a week. When I complete my walk/run (which I increase on a 2-week basis), I drop down and do 60 FULL pushups, then do stretches and yoga poses. I also do Tai Chi weekly and Pilates. I also run my own business. My life is good —- really good!

Cindy, Improved Cell Function & Anti-Inflammation
Hi, my name is Cindy M. I’ve suffered with severe scoliosis since I was 12 years of age. I also have a lower back problem that caused my scoliosis; which is known as Spondylolisthesis. I was in severe pain. I went through surgery at 13 and was in a body cast for 9 months and in bed for 6 months. I couldn’t sit up or hang my leg off the bed. I was basically confined to my bed. They did the surgery to slow the curve down and I didn’t have your typical surgery that you would have for scoliosis, because of my Spondylolisthesis. I had a Harrington type pin placed in my lower back instead of rods. Prior to all of this I wore a Milwaukee brace for two years. It didn’t work because of my lower back, however. Now they would like to go in and put four Harrington rods in from top to bottom.

And also some stainless-steel pins in the front to secure what they would have to do in the back. My doctor at University of Michigan has told me that he would like to tell me that he’s doing it to get rid of my pain but he is not. My spine’s not just curving, but it’s turning my torso and they would lie to try to stop that. I have suffered every day of my life with this pain. I have tried several different natural methods and I didn’t choose synthetic pain killers because this would be with me for the rest of my life, and I would have to take stronger doses with each passing year.

The day I was introduced to the glutathione supplement, I was in severe pain. I was very skeptical because of all the things I’ve tried. But I was always praying something would work. So I took the glutathione supplement and I went and rested because I didn’t think I was going to be able to go do errands that I had to do. Twenty minutes later, I started feeling better. I got up and started moving around and my pain was gone! I didn’t say anything to my family because I was still skeptical, wondering “was this really this supplement? How could it work this fast?”

So I finished the week’s supply and two days went by without the glutathione supplement and I felt like I had been hit by a Mack truck. I was back to severe pain, calling everyone to see if I could get some more. I’ve never done crack, but I felt like an addict. I was looking for that fix. At that point I knew that it was the glutathione supplement. It’s been almost four months now, and the glutathione supplement has changed my life. My quality of life has never been this good since I was a little girl. I know everybody is different. It might not work on some people as fast as it did on me, but it was like the forest fire was put out on my back. I still have scoliosis but I’m not living with pain anymore.

Joanne, Improved Cellular Function
I am 61 years young — feeling like I’m 39 and holding due to the glutathione supplement! I can think more clearly now (less senior moments), major pain nearly gone -more energy. I love to dance and there is no more lactic acid after dancing or exercise! Inflammation is the cause of almost all pain but with the glutathione supplement and my positive attitude, I am experiencing major pain relief. But my life wasn’t always this enriched — healthwise!

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis back in the late ‘80’s — early 90’s. I have been in pain since that time! Fibromyalgia is a condition where you hurt all over your body. I would take over-the-counter pain medicine to help with the pain —- but it would help for a short time only. My doctor gave me antidepressants a few years ago. I told him that I wasn’t depressed. He told me that antidepressants work for the pain of fibromyalgia. So I went home and tried it. I took one tablet —- a few minutes later I was sick to my stomach. I threw the pills in the garbage. So over the years I put up with the pain, dealing with it as best I could. Due to this condition, I only slept 3-4 hours a night as well. And we all know that as we sleep — our bodies are repairing themselves. A person needs their proper sleep or they can’t function the next day!

But since learning about the glutathione supplement — I’ve been taking it since July 9, 2007 noticing AMAZING RESULTS within 48 HOURS! First of all, I noticed my pain was not as bad as it used to be — my arms and legs had a lot less pain. As the days went by, the pain got even less! I have a great sleep every night now and energy galore. An amazing supplement!

Kay, Improved Cellular Function
This is Kay C. I am almost 96 years young and live in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. Since starting on the glutathione supplement about seven months ago, I have had a number of positive changes, but for one in particular, I am most grateful.

For several months I had been having a problem with my right eye being sore and “fuzzy” and I was using drops several times a day. I was afraid I was losing the
sight in that eye. An eye doctor told me I had macular degeneration, confirmed later by an eye specialist. Neither gave me any positive help. Three days after starting on the glutathione supplement, I looked in the mirror and was surprised to note I could see a “little bit” better. After eight days, I was looking out the window and could not believe how well I could see, and couldn’t remember when I had stopped using eye drops. That is the way the supplement works — all of the sudden you notice a positive change in problems that you were just living with as part of life. For example, itchy skin disappeared after many years, my hearing is a “bit” better, and I’m sleeping better. My right foot had intermittently been very painful. It was thought to be gout but recent blood tests showed it was not. Although the pain had gone, I had swelling and inflammation. One day noticed that was gone. I also had shooting pains in different parts of my body, especially at night, but recently noticed they have disappeared. My energy level is great and at almost 96, I am living a very happy, healthy and active life. I have invitations out for my 100th birthday!

Xarhis, Improved Cellular Function and Anti-Inflammation
I am absolutely excited about this glutathione supplement because it helped me with two major health concerns: ileitis and lymphedema! The ileitis inflammation was located in the “terminal ileum” (area of the small intestine) just before the ileocecal valve to the large intestine. Apparently, this condition started some months prior from food poisoning. Over a period of months and delays in getting a correct diagnosis, I began to experience ongoing significant pain in the lower right area of my abdomen. It got to the point I literally could not sit, stoop, bend, wear tight clothing or walk without PAIN! Certain foods began to bother me, as well. The only way to get relief was to eat bland food, wear a robe and be in a reclining position.

Finally, I had a CT scan that showed “thickening” in that area attributable to infection and inflammation. Upon seeing a specialist in gastroenterology, I was given an antibiotic for the “infection” (presumably, caused by an amoeba), but was told the “inflammation” would take a “long, long time” to heal. In fact, the specialist informed me that since this condition had been left that long, he believed this thickening could very well already be ulcerated putting me at risk for Crohn’s disease. The recourse for that would be surgery or Prednisone. I wanted neither. I was encouraged to have a colonoscopy after the antibiotic. However, I postponed this exam because I felt 90 percent better and had “some” continued pain. I also had an Alaskan cruise I wanted to take two weeks later; and I was concerned about the risk of possible perforation by the camera used in the exam (in my mind) designed for a colon and not a much smaller ileum.

All of this was stressful to me because in 1994 I faced the big “C” of cancer and I certainly didn’t want to face another big “C” for Crohn’s disease! I knew several people who had it and I didn’t want it. Being into natural health alternatives, I started on chlorophyll capsules and concentrated whole leaf aloe vera. It seemed to help some, but I was still having pain and knew I wasn’t well enough for me to believe I could make the cruise.

I heard about the glutathione supplement and obtained a week’s supply. On the first day, I noticed a lot of energy. By the second day, I began to have less pain and within days I was actually able to increase my activities. After only taking eight (8) packets of the supplement, I saw my physical therapist for a scheduled manual lymphedema massage. (During my bout with *** cancer, I worked with natural herbs in lieu of chemo or radiation and my cancer was gone, but I was still left with lymphedma. My surgeon removed auxiliary lymph nodes, although I was assured they would not be.) My therapist, within a few minutes of putting her hands on me, asked excitedly, “What are you taking? What are you doing differently?!” The glutathione supplement had reduced some of the swelling from retained fluids and it softened much of the tissue that was usually hardened by trapped fluids from adhesions that would often take the therapist 20 minutes just to soften it. Immediately, she noticed my tissue was different. Never had it been like this during all the eight years she treated me, nor when I had taken chlorophyll or aloe vera in the past, so, it had to have been the glutathione supplement! (By the way, my lymphedema is still improving and I feel like I’m getting my life back.)

After only 14 packets of glutathione supplement, I also knew it had significantly helped my ileitis condition. There now was no question about packing for the trip! I was able to drive ten hours the first day toward Canada for the cruise, with no problem. Just two weeks prior, I still could not sit more than a half-hour without experiencing some level of pain.

I made the cruise and handled it fine: sitting, walking, climbing stairs, dancing, wearing my pretty “tight” clothes, eating whatever I wanted now (gained 9 pounds) and had no problems whatsoever! Upon returning home, I took only four packets of the supplement (making it a total of 18 packets) before my scheduled colonoscopy and “knew” even before the exam that I was fine —- and I was! The specialist took the camera into the ileum and it was normal.

Excerpt from GLUTATHIONE Your Best Defense Against Aging, Cellular Damage and Disease by Dr Robert H. Keller, MD, MS, FACP, AAHIVS – Director of Medicine & Research/KBK Institute of Advanced Medicine, Published 2008

Dr. Robert Keller was voted one of America’s Top Physicians for the past 5 years, as well as being recognized as one of the Top 2,000 scientists of the 21st century. Dr. Keller treats people with Aids, Cancer and Auto-Immune disorders in his Florida clinic. In an effort to help his patients, Dr. Keller created/formulated and has been using MaxGXL in his practice (and also in Africa) for over 10 years with great success!

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