Another popular way to do Anger Work is through scream release work. There are two ways to go about this. The first technique is rather simple: just let out a yell. In my own therapy, when I was finally able to scream, I was sure that the world was going to come to an end. I still remember screaming as I was driving in my car. I was so surprised to find that I was fine and felt much better. I had had several years of therapy and lots of Anger Work prior to coming to this point, so you may not get the same intense release of emotion at first. But letting go of your deep inner anger can be very satisfying. Please be a little careful or you may lose your voice as I did the first time I tried screaming.

The second scream technique is to pretend that you are yelling at the person who has hurt you. Gestalt therapy has used this therapeutic technique for years. A Gestalt therapist puts an empty chair in front of his or her patient and has the patient ?talk to? the abuser. You may do this or just pretend that the person can hear you. Go ahead and say what you think about what he or she did. Tell the ?person? why you are upset and how he or she has hurt you.

Many people are, of course, afraid that other people may hear them and wonder what they will think. This is a valid concern for which I have found several remedies. First, you can find a pillow or two, and scream into them. Add on more if you think that others can hear you. The noise may sound a little loud to you, but you can tape record or ask a close friend to listen to the sound to ensure that it?s not loud enough for anyone to hear.

Secondly, you can scream while driving alone in your car, if you have one. While driving at a normal speed with the windows up no one will hear you. However, you must also concentrate on driving to ensure that you don?t lose control.

Thirdly, you could go to a musical concert or sporting event where screaming is part of the ambiance and have freedom to yell. Everyone else will think you?re just a devoted fan!

A fourth way that I have found effective is to go somewhere in the wilderness where you are alone and let your angry voice ring through the hills. I am an outdoor person, and once in a while I will go backpacking during the winter in the mountains where no one is around. At night I am always totally alone except for the few animals that inhabit the wild. This provides the perfect opportunity for scream release Anger Work, if I need it. Please, however, get training and experience through training and experience before venturing out on your own in the wild.

One of my clients walks and screams along the beach when there is no one around and when the waves are crashing, drowning out the sound of her voice. She ?talks to? the abuser in a loud voice, telling him how furious she is at him. Screaming under water is another great way to express anger in solitude. No one will hear you. As you can see, there are many creative and effective ways to do scream release Anger Work.

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