Camping can also be a frustrating experience and even a matter of survival when an important piece of camping gear is left behind. Imagine sleeping with no sleeping bag (It’s been left behind before). A checklist serves as a great reminder of what to bring and what you really should leave behind. And camping with a checklist will save you from having to drive to the nearest store, which could be located dozens of miles from your campsite.

Preparedness: A checklist for “car camping” serves as a reminder of the necessities and the accessories that you will want to pack for your next camping trip. Included are the essentials, or the survival gear that is necessary for your camping excursion . These can not be left behind. I also included, in the checklist, camping accessories that are completely optional but will add the wow-factor to your nature experience.

Backcountry camping requires a checklist of its own based on minimalist packing and an immense emphasis on the essentials. Packing for the backcountry means bringing the necessary survival gear in addition to your tent and sleeping bag.

Camping Checklist Essentials:

_____ Backpack
_____ Water filtration system
_____ Tent
_____ Topographical Map
_____ Sleeping Bag- down or synthetic

_____ Tarp and Rope
_____ Sleeping Pad- lightweight, self-inflating or closed cell
_____ Headlamp/Waterproof Flashlight
_____ Stove/Fuel Canister
_____ Hiking Shoes
_____ Pots/Pans- aluminum pie plates for serving
_____ Rain/Wind Gear
_____ Cooking/ eating utensils/ Drinking Cup
_____ Insulating Layers: Capilene and/or Fleece Down Jacket
_____ Camp Suds/Camp towel
_____ First Aid Kit
_____ Leatherman/multipurpose tool
_____ Fire Starter Kit
_____ Small Pillow Case
_____ Insect Repellent

I have included some fun and some added safety products for your nature excursion. These are listed below:
____ Inflatable Soft Tub
____ Skyscout
____ Binoculars
____ Altimeter Watch
____ Bird Guide
____ Waterproof Flashlight
____ Camera
____ GPS
____ Solar Backpack
____ Katadyn Water Filtration
____ Solar Shower Bag

The camping checklists provided here are to serve as a basis to packing for your next camping trip. The included checklists do not include the numerous optionals that can be included in your camping travels. Please modify and adjust as necessary and enjoy.

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