Would you sleep in a school, security guard, or police uniform? In all probability, you would not. Yes, uniforms signify conformity, professionalism, and achievement. However, due to factors such as their fabrics, bulkiness and trimmings, uniforms can be quite uncomfortable. After completing our day in school or at work, we are eager to change into clothes that are more comfortable. On the other hand, scrubs have become quite popular as casual wear.

Traditionally, “scrubs,” such as cheap landau scrubs, have included the lightweight shirts and pants that surgeons and surgery personnel wear. However, their use has spread to different departments of patient care throughout the hospital, and even to places outside of the hospital. Like other articles of clothing (i.e. the baseball cap), scrubs have become the “uniform” of many who do not wear it as a uniform. Here are some of the applications of scrubs outside of the hospital:

1. Prison uniforms
When you think of prison uniforms for inmates, which image first pops into your head? You probably think of the traditional ensemble of a shirt and pants with wide, alternating white and black horizontal stripes. However, many prisons have altered their uniforms, by selecting scrubs instead. While the orange color varies from the light green, light blue, and light green-blue that surgeons typically wear, they provide the same benefits. Prison scrubs are lightweight, comfortable, and hygienic.

2. Backpacking
One goal in backpacking is to avoid needing a trip to the hospital. Such a trip after breaking your ankle, having a raccoon bite you, or suffering an allergy-triggering bee sting, can make our trip less enjoyable. However, many backpackers have discovered the convenience of changing into scrubs, after setting up camp. Scrubs are lightweight and dry quickly. This makes them ideal for backpackers, who are constantly on the go. Conserving time and weight are two goals of any backpacker.

3. Workout clothing
Some people wear scrubs while completing their workout routines. Whether they do weightlifting, ride an exercise bicycle or power-walk on a treadmill, scrubs provide the wearer with several benefits. They are lightweight, and allow your skin to breathe well.

4. Loungewear
Scrubs are perfect to do whatever activity allows you to kick back and relax. Most of us have less down time than ever, so we need it to be relaxing as possible. Scrubs provide you with the comfort of being in your pajamas, without wearing your pajamas.

5. Pajamas
Some people envy surgeons, who get to wear one of the most comfortable uniforms on planet Earth: scrubs. The next best option is to wear scrubs while you dream of wearing them at your workplace. Obviously, one of the keys to getting a good night’s sleep is to relax. Scrubs serve the same function as pajamas. They provide comfort, which allows your body and mind to recharge.

Though people have historically worn scrubs for surgeries, their use throughout society has expanded throughout hospitals, and even throughout society. Whether you wear them at home, at a campsite, or at work-there is no sub for scrubs!

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